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How to Choose Best Digital Marketing Training Institute | Digital Marketing Course | Amudha Kumar

Learn How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chennai in this blog post. 
Rather than saying the best institute for digital marketing online training in Chennai , it will be better and a wise move,if you know how to choose a digital marketing institute for digital marketing course in Chennai , I suggest you read this post till the end and watch the videos for all your answers related to your digital marketing course.
You may also watch my YouTube video in English and in Tamil.

How to Select A Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chennai (English)

Rather than selecting a training institute, I would suggest you to learn to validate the trainer and institute.
Another point is to keep your requirements ready. Approach any institute and ask them your requirements. If they say yes, they are the right person to teach you.
Few requirements are:
  • Why do you need to learn about digital marketing? I mean what is your goal?
  • Will the institute work along with your goal?
  • Is your trainer already has hands-on experience on what you are expecting or he is going to teach you?
    • If you want to make money after learning digital marketing, I would want you to check the trainer is already making money. If not he is not the right person to teach you. If you still select someone who does not know how to do, it is almost like learning swimming from someone who has never swum in his life.
  • How much time can you spend on the course?
  • What is your preferred time slot?
How to validate any Training Institute?
  • Ratings and Reviews

    Never ever trust or believe ratings and reviews. The institutes have already read the students mind and people fall prey to fake ratings and reviews.
  • If an institution has a 5-star rating for 9,000 reviews, do you really believe it is possible to have one? I believe at least 10 people would have at least selected a 4-star rating.
    Find below the example of a fake review
  • In the above google review, I have shared my observation. The value 1 review says the account holder has left a single review in his lifetime. If the person has the habit of reviewing the business, he or she must be a part of the Google Local Guide Program. Else they might have reviewed other business too. Here, the review was posted intentionally to broadcast and get business leads.
    • Another point to be noted is that this profile holder does not have a profile picture updated. This actually means the id is not mapped to a real account.
  • Check out their choice words when they talk to you. If they use words that give priority to course fee, next batch starting date, offer for immediate joining. These words will highlight that the person or institute may get your course fee and may not pay attention.
  • Never Ever pay your course fee upfront. Take minimum 2 demo session from the prescribed trainer. Once you are satisfied, pay the half fee and pay the remaining fee anytime.
  • Make sure that they are giving you the adequate information to you for making a better decision. The institute must give you information and knowledge. They must not force you to start the course with them.
I hope the information shared here has really helped you. If you still any support or counseling for selecting your digital marketing training institute, you can reach my personal number 7010638398 and WhatsApp me. I will be glad to assist you.

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