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What is Digital Marketing and How Do You Use it in Business?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a process of promoting a product or a service using internet platform. The internet users are involved in hanging around with two major platforms one is Search Engine and another one is Social Media.

In both Search Engine and Social Media platforms, there are two types of marketing processes. They are Optimization and Marketing.

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How to Use Digital Marketing for your Business
How to Use Digital Marketing for your Business?

Understanding Optimization in Digital Marketing

In general the word Optimization means making the best use of a product or a platform to get more benefit preferably without spending any money. 

In general, it is also termed as organic traffic. The term organic has the literal meaning of natural growth. When we learn to drive visitors and leads to our business using natural methods, the returns will be huge and residual in nature.

In simple terms, we can relate the optimization practices to leech therapy in Siddha treatment process. The leech has the natural property of sucking blood from human body without causing pain. By taking the advantage of the nature and property of the insect leech, the Siddha doctors use them for sucking bad blood from the blood vessels of human without causing pain.

What is Digital Marketing, and How Do You Use it in Business
What is Digital Marketing, and How Do You Use it in Business?
In the above example, we have taken the advantage of natural property of the insect leech and accomplished our need of sucking bad blood.

The optimization practices will consume time and offers residual results when the right actions are performed. You can also relate the organic traffic to growing a plant or a tree naturally and harvesting the benefits later.

When you cultivate tomato in your own farms, you need to sow the seed and nurture it daily by sprinkling water and proper sunlight. Save the plant from natural risks. This will offer the ripen tomatoes in six to eight weeks. You can harvest the fruits without spending any money. It will be healthy and you may get fruits again and again without regrowing the plant.

Cultivating Organic Tomato...What is Digital Marketing, and How Do You Use it in Business?
Cultivating Organic Tomato...What is Digital Marketing, and How Do You Use it in Business?

Similarly, when we learn to take the advantage of a search engine platform for increasing our business related growth, we call it as Search Engine Optimization. When we learn to take the advantage of a social media platform for increasing our business related growth, we call it as Social Media Optimization.

Understanding Marketing in Digital Platform

Marketing is a practice of promoting a product or a service using paid advertisement campaign and budget. The search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo and Social Media platforms like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest offers advertisement campaigns for business goals like Branding, Sales, Website Visitors, Video Promotion, App installations and more.

You can create your own ad campaign tailored to meet your business goals with a daily and total budget.

The marketing practices will help you to get your business goals met immediately. In simple words, it is like buying 1kg of tomato from a super market instead of cultivating it.

By buying the tomato from a retail store, you will save time and effort required for growing your plant. However, you will get the end result instantly.

Buying tomato from super market Marketing Technique Amudhakumar Digital Marketing Training

How Do You Use Digital Marketing in Business?

Actually speaking, implementing digital marketing for your business is not a techie task. It is an ongoing regular practice of few activities. In order to implement the strategy in your business, you must understand one thing very clear. You must be knowledgeable on digital marketing concepts. You don't need to be an expert. It is ok, if you understand how the concept works. Later you can assign the task to anyone and all you need to do is to monitor the task on consistent basis.

How to Use Digital Marketing for Your Business?
How to Use Digital Marketing for Your Business?

Using digital marketing can be used in multiple phases. They are:

1. Search Engine and Social Media Optimization
2. Search Engine and Social Media Marketing
3. Email Marketing

You can perform digital marketing by:
  • Self execution
  • Outsource it to a marketing agency
  • Outsource to a freelancer
  • Employee a resource

    Self Execution

    If you have more time to spend for taking care of your business by yourself, you can undergo a Digital Marketing Course and start working for your business. However, several business people says they don't have time to sit and execute the tasks.

    I strongly suggest business owners to handle advertisement campaigns by yourself and outsource the SEO, SMO and email marketing activities.

    Outsourcing to Digital Marketing Agency

    Outsourcing your project to an agency may not be fruitful every time. If the agency decides to deliver under performance, you will end up spending money without getting results. When the agency shares the performance report, you may not be able to read and understand the metrics as you are not knowledgeable in it.

    For an agency, you are one among their many projects. Hence, the business ownership will completely miss.

    Hence, it is mandatory to have the industry knowledge to understand get the report understood

    Outsourcing to Freelancers

    Freelancers will perform the task for you. However, the quality and commitment to the task will be at risk. Hence, hiring a dedicated freelancer may help you in better results and lowest pricing too.

    Employ a Resource (The Best Method for High Success Rate)

    The primary issue will be the time constraint. Hence, it is suggested to undergo a digital marketing course to understand how it works and employee a resource to take care of all your digital marketing requirements.

    The resource will work only for your project and you can have the job done with lower budget and great results.


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