Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Avoid Corona Infection By Following the 5 Digital Practices - Amudha Kumar

The Deadly virus #corona is spreading like a viral message in the current scenario across the globe. As per the WHO advises the only way to restrict yourself from getting infected is to isolate yourself from the crowd from the infected person.

What does World Health Organization says about Corona Virus? 

I strongly suggest you to watch the video given below before exploring further content.

In this post, I have shared with you a list of 5 practices that you can implement using your digital platforms that helps you accelerate your productivity during your lock down period. The points are:

Avoid Corona Covid19 Infection by Following digital practices by Amudha kumar Digital Marketing Trainer
Avoid Corona Covid19 Infection by Following digital practices by Amudha kumar Digital Marketing Trainer

  • Avoid Cash Transaction and Use online transaction
Learning to go online for purchasing things or information by giving cash to people which are the primary purpose of viral infection. Hence avoiding the method of payment in cash is one of the highest priorities that we need to make in our day to day life.

  • Order groceries online instead of reaching out to physical stores
By making sure that we are not going outside in the infected environment, we reduce the probability of the COVID-19 virus to get infected in any situation. Take the Advantage of online eCommerce platforms. You can place orders on different websites to make sure that the products are getting delivered to your doorstep by following hygienic delivery practices.

  • Watch movies online instead of roaming outside
Watching movies online will give you access to lakhs and lakhs of movie database that will make sure that you don't get an opportunity to go outside your home but still you engage yourself on entertainment

  • Use the time to upskill yourself and stay at home
User your time productively in learning a new skill is the smartest way to convert your quarantine time to quality productive time. Taking a strong decision to go and isolate yourself from the crowd and self-quarantine yourself within your house by actively participating in any online learning system will give you a great opportunity based on the knowledge that is learned.

  • Book travel tickets online and avoid physical visits to ticket booking offices
Booking travel tickets for your upcoming travel plans may be the highest priority because of the long period. However, it is suggested to make sure that book tickets online at the earliest as possible to avoid physical travel to travel agency for ticket booking office
The points given above may give you the information on how important it is to go digital. Similar to the scenario that we having right now on our day to day life every business may meet ups and downs based on the traditional scenarios.
Hence it is important to make yourself upskilled with the required skills to bring back your business against those problems. It is highly suggested to learn how to make your business Go Digital. You can use the link below to better understand how you can learn digital marketing.


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