Online Digital Marketing Course and Mentorship Program is the need of the hour for both business and individuals. Let's have a detailed discussion about learning, implementing, and making the technology working for us.

Online Digital Marketing Course  Training Mentorship Program by Amudhakumar
Online Digital Marketing Course Training and Mentorship Program by Amudhakumar

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a practice of promoting a product or service using an internet-based platform using organic or paid marketing techniques. 

To name a few, Email, Mobile Applications, Websites, Web Apps, Search Engines, and more. 

Every business will have its own goal like increasing Brand Awareness, Increasing Sales, Video Promotion, Lead Generation, and Mobile Application Installation.

Reaching the business goals by taking advantage of the Search Engine and Social Media Platforms using electronic gadgets like smartphones (Android, iOS), Computers (Laptop, Desktop, Windows, and iOS operating systems), and Smart TV with an internet connection.

By learning the art and taking advantage of Digital Marketing Practices, you can employ yourself in an organization, Start your own Digital Marketing Consultancy Service, Offer SEO, and Digital Related Consulting Services to generate unlimited income without any financial investment and office setup.

The old advertising techniques used are Billboards, Banners, Auto, and Taxi Advertisements, radio, and Television. Unfortunately, those traditional advertisement practices are not yielding better results as it was. The primary reason is due to the advancement in technology. 

The increasing trend nature of Social Media and Search Engine Platforms using gadgets like smartphones and computers have taken our attention within the viewport of the electronic devices.

Our behaviors have changed these days when we never had a landline phone in our home in earlier days, we are having a touch screen and internet-enabled smartphones in our palm that makes us peep into it every now and then. 

Watching TV has become paid programs on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Youtube has emerged as a great video learning platform and educational platform too. Hence, learning the art of targeting people using digital platforms is the new marketing and that is called Digital Marketing.

What is The Online Course?

Online Courses are the training programs offered over the internet platform using electronic mediums like smartphones, laptops, and computers. You can sit in the comfort of your home and connect for the online training sessions to get educated in different industries of your choice. In most scenarios, they offer recorded videos, Instructor-led live online sessions using platforms like Google Meet, Zoom Meeting, and Skype Call.

There are several advantages of taking up the internet based online training program compared to traditional classroom training. 

Santa Clara University conducted an online survey on the experience of an online distance learning program in the year 2019, more than 50% of the students appreciated the online training program offered compared to the traditional classroom training.

What is The Online Digital Marketing Course?

Learning Digital Marketing Course using online products like recorded videos, instructor-led online sessions, or using Learning Module Systems (LMS) is called Online Digital Marketing Course. The biggest advantage is the own learning pace. 

It was in the year 2016, I got the opportunity for training people using online platforms. It takes hours together to convince somebody to take up the online sessions. However, I strongly believe that the digital-based training program will help me to get access to international establishments. 

After the Pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, the educational industry has taken a new shape and look. A small kid is taking online sessions. This has paved the foundation for online and distance learning programs in the field of education.

Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Course

Have a look at the advantages of taking up or handling an online digital marketing course. 

  • Save Time
No need to travel to the training institute on a daily basis and hours together. Remember, it is the quality time that drives results and not the quantity of time invested. Taking the hardest path and spending a couple hours every day traveling in the hot sun does not guarantee fruitful results. It is all about what we gain out of the course enrolled. Hence, it is a smart idea to take a decision to learn an online digital marketing course.

  • More Practical
You will get exposure to real-time digital products when you start learning using online or digital classrooms. Remember, connecting online and getting hands-on experience is the best method to learn digital technologies. Writing Google in the blackboard or whiteboard is what will happen in traditional classroom training. Whereas in an online classroom, you can view the real appearance of the google portal that gives you the touch and feel of the product.

  • Learn from Your Native Place
Several people are required to travel to metropolitan cities from their remote village area to get trained in order to get a quality education. This case is no more applicable. You can bring home the best tutor and trainer online sitting down at your home in your native place to learn the top-notch technology in the world. 

Remember, if you can watch your favorite hero's movie in your smartphone sitting down at the comfort of your couch in your native place, you must believe that you can learn your course or curriculum using the same smartphone and internet technology to learn anything online.
  • Save Money on Travel, Food, and Accommodation
  • Learn from Experts sitting at your home.
  • No Geographical Restriction
  • Flexible Time Slots

Classroom Training Vs Online Training

Online and Traditional Classroom Training

Image Source: Edge Point Learning

My Teaching Methodology

As a Digital Marketing Trainer, I strongly believe in teaching with practical experience. I prefer to teach swimming inside a pool filled with water rather than believing in the system that tells you to learn swimming in the ground. I hope you understand what do I mean?

Learning digital marketing is similar to learning swimming. First of all, your trainer must know how to swim. Then he can teach you how to? the second point to note is that you must enter the pool with water to learn practical swimming. 

Similarly, to learn digital marketing in a more practical way, you must take advantage of digital and internet platforms in the learning stage. That is called online classes in recent days. When you start using online products to start learning, you have already prepared yourself to accept a change. This is a great example of online practical learning.

In a nutshell, what I offer is an Online Digital Marketing Mentorship Program. This mentorship program is a cut above regular digital marketing classes. I will be traveling along with you while learning and most importantly when you implement practically. I will be your Digital marketing mentor always with you helping you when you are in need. Until you become confident and independent of handling the digital marketing concepts individually.

Personalized support, flexible time slots, any time support via Whatsapp Chat, Google Meet Screen Sharing, and phone call conversation beyond class hours.

Get a personalized Google Drive document and material created with personalized notes exclusively for you. The document will be editable and can be accessed from any place and location. This will be more flexible and handy notes. Is it not?

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