Google Analytics Training in India can be availed using both regular and online classes. Based on the availability of the training institute in India, you may prefer an online class or classroom training. 

Online Google Analytics Training in India

Online Google Analytics Training in India

Why You Must Learn Online Google Analytics Course Training from India?

The biggest challenge that anyone faces in learning new concepts and logic is the availability of time. In this professional lifestyle, it is very difficult to manage work-life schedules. It is also difficult to find out free is extra time to upgrade an individual skillset. 

The next biggest challenge is flexibility. The Indian Standard Time can be adapted to any time zone across the globe and hence the flexibility of learning any new topic based on your availability is highly probable. The course completion rate will be high.

For your information, the Google Analytics Certification course is offered by Google for free.  You will end up paying the course fee for the trainer and the institute. Based on the experience that by the students in different countries like us UK Canada, they have highlighted that it is always a great choice to select India as a preferred training location for Google Analytics due to the following reasons:
  • Time Zone
Due to the difference in time zone, your working hours are always free hours for trainers in India. Evening time baby early morning time. You are morning time maybe the evening time in India. Because of this flexibility, you can have your training sessions either on your early morning day or at the evening time based on your comfort level.

You can also connect any time and we can like Saturday and Sunday and grab the complete course with the same quality.
  • Cost-Effective
The course fee will also be cost-effective compared to your current location. You can connect with me via my WhatsApp number 70 1063 8398 and check out your preferred cost for the Google Analytics course.
  • Training Methodology
Training methodology used to train using the online platforms has become more effective and 100% practical by sharing the screen and explaining the constructs on each and every topic and subject. By paying attention to answering your persons it becomes the perfect training program to get yourself certified in the analytical platform.

I can completely understand that you are looking forward to learning the nuggets and ideas in Google Analytics. Moreover, you got a dream or an idea that can change your life after learning this course. Hence, it is important to take a sufficient amount of time to decide where to learn and from whom to learn the Google Analytics course in India.

About Google Analytics Course

Google Analytics is a web-based software program tool used to monitor and understand the user behavior on a website or on a mobile application that is used for free and also as a premium service. Other courses Google Analytics can only be taught using real-time data and practical scenarios.

Ensure that you get the most out of the analytics training platform we offer only the practical training sessions for Google Analytics.

This course is all about tracking the user behavior on the website based on four major sections like Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour, and Conversions. It also helps us to track the performance of the website users technology used the computer or the smartphone the browser used by the visitor that time when the user visited your website and so on.

End of the Course You Will be Able to Perform

  • How to create a Google Analytics account, implement tracking code inside the website, and set up data filters to read custom data.
  • How to track a website with a google analytics tool.
  • How to generate multiple website analytics reports on google analytics.
  • How to work & play with google analytics tools
  • Get hands-on and live experience on the google analytics tool.
  • How to navigate inside Google Analytics interface and read the reports, and set up dashboards and shortcuts.
  • How to analyze basic Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior reports, and set up goals and campaign tracking.

Where Can I Learn Google Analytics Course in India?

The best way to learn your course is to check with your friend's circle whether they have completed a similar course somewhere. The easy method is to set a WhatsApp status asking your friends "Have you Completed Google Analytics Course in India?"

Anyone from your contact will connect and guide you. Because they are your friends, they share the real experience with you. If their suggestion is positive, you can validate the other information by yourself by calling them over the phone.

You can avoid the institute which received negative reviews from your contact. Please make sure that you enroll in an institute or a trainer who is really interested in working along with you to get better results.

Never Ever Believe Reviews that Seems More Positive or Negative. Validate Them Before Making a Decision.

Everything You Need to Know about Google Analytics Training and Placement in India?

The job opportunities in India and other places across the globe are available in plenty. Moreover, after the corona lockdown times, the demand for internet-based offers and job opportunities are expected to skyrocket.

There are more designations available once you complete the online marketing course. Few of them are:
  • Google Analytics executive
  • Google Analytics manager
  • Google Analytics expert
  • Google Analytics consultant
  • Google Analytics strategist
  • Google Analytics director

The list goes on. There are several job opportunities available and opportunities that can be created by yourself in the field of Google Analytics. By learning your Google Analytics course you can prepare which industry to become an expert in and start practicing practical stuff based on the designation and job requirements.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Learning a Google Analytics Course?

Based on my personal experience, learning a course like Google analytics needs a passion or interest in the subject.

If you are from a foreign location other than India working in any field other than digital, you find yourself attracted to the internet, and the latest technology, you are perfectly eligible to learn Google Analytics stuff. Whether you learn from an institute or trainer or online recorded videos, that is immaterial. You will shine in this industry for sure.

For getting a job in a Google Analytics platform (I am referring to working for someone), it depends on the employer's requirements. If the employer needs a bachelor's or master's degree, you must have one. However, if your employer is not concerned about your degree qualification, you can still work for them.

There are several organizations that recruit people without a college degree. All we need to do is to figure out those organizations and reach out to them for any role related to internet or online marketing job opportunities.

All you need is the certifications from respective industry leaders like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can sit at the comfort of your home in India to learn and earn certifications using platforms like Google Digital Unlocked, Skill Shop, and E-Marketing Institute.

What is the Duration of the Google Analytics Course in India?

The duration of the course in India varies based on the modules covered and modes of learning. The duration may range from 15 to 20 days. 

The possible learning platforms are:
  • Self Learning
If you are a self-learner, the best and suggested method is to learn by yourself. The self-learning method consumes more time. If you are a busy professional who has no time to spend other than your primary activity then this method is not suggested.

Online Google analytics Course Training in India

  1. Online Pre-Recorded Videos

Many trainers and tutors have a recorded copy of their previous sessions. They may sell their video content at a discounted or lower price. It can be a great source to learn. The only thing you will miss is the personal support of the trainer.

Considering this scenario, I restricted offering a Google Analytics course as a recorded copy. However, in due course of time; several people said they can't afford to connect for the online session in the scheduled hours. Another set of people said they miss a few sessions in between. Considering these people's challenges into account, I started offering a Recorded Version of My Original Session.

Along with the videos, I also offered pre-booked:

Whatsapp Support

While watching the video, you can send a WhatsApp message with a screenshot and describe your issue. I will send a response or the related link or video that can resolve your doubt.

Phone Call Support

If the support via WhatsApp is not sufficient, you can chat with me to have a time fixed. We can connect via mobile number +91-7010-638-398 and discuss the doubts.

Google Meet Support

Based on the previous discussion and fixed time, we can connect via Google Meet. Sitting at India, you can share your screen or I can share my screen to demonstrate the activities.

  • Instructor-led Online Session
Learning from an instructor who is connected to the live video session and demonstrating the concepts is yet another great way to execute. This will make sure that you are committed to learning at a particular time every day. The success rate for completing the course is very high.

  • Regular Classroom Training
The preferred choice for lots of people who are looking for training institutes in India and near your home. At least for Google Analytics, learning it via classroom training is not a great idea. It is suggested to prefer online instructor-led sessions. This is because Google Analytics is like learning swimming. There is no use in learning it on the ground. You must be inside the water pool to learn it the right way. 

Learning online marketing via the classroom is the same as learning swimming on the ground. Using the internet and live sessions is the right platform to help you experience real-time practice.

What is the Google Analytics Course Syllabus in India?

The Google Analytics Course Syllabus courses must include the below-mentioned modules even if you are learning it from India. Those models are:

  • Unit 1: Introducing Google Analytics

    • Lesson 1: Why digital analytics?
    • Lesson 2: How Google Analytics works
    • Lesson 3: Google Analytics setup
    • Lesson 4: How to set up views with filters

  • Unit 2: The Google Analytics Interface

    • Lesson 1: Navigating Google Analytics
    • Lesson 2: Understanding overview reports
    • Lesson 3: Understanding full reports
    • Lesson 4: How to share reports
    • Lesson 5: How to set up dashboards and shortcuts

  • Unit 3: Basic Reports

    • Lesson 1: Audience reports
    • Lesson 2: Acquisition reports
    • Lesson 3: Behavior reports

  • Unit 4: Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking

    • Lesson 1: How to measure Custom Campaigns
    • Lesson 2: Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder
    • Lesson 3: Use Goals to measure business objectives
    • Lesson 4: How to measure Google Ads campaigns
    • Lesson 5: Course review and next steps

Detailed Course Sections


  1. Active Users

  2. Lifetime Value

  3. Cohort Analysis

  4. Audiences

  5. User Explorer

  6. Demographics

    1. Age

    2. Gender

  7. Interests

    1. Affinity Categories

    2. In-Market Segments

    3. Other Categories

  8. Geo

    1. Language

    2. Location

  9. Behavior

    1. New Vs Returning

    2. Frequency & Recency

    3. Engagement

  10. Technology

    1. Browser & OS

    2. Network

  11. Mobile

    1. Devices

  12. Cross-Device

    1. Device Overlap

    2. Device Paths

    3. Channels

    4. Acquisition Device

  13. Custom

    1. Custom Variables

    2. User-Defined

  14. Benchmarking

    1. Channels

    2. Location

    3. Devices

  15. User Flow


The Acquisition tab contains the explanation and information about the following metrics:

  1. All Traffic

    1. Channels

    2. Treemaps

    3. Source / Medium

    4. Referrals

  2. Google Ads

    1. Campaigns

    2. Treemaps

    3. Sitelinks

    4. Bid Adjustments

    5. Keywords

    6. Search Queries

    7. Hours of the Day

    8. Final URLs

    9. Display Targeting

    10. Video Campaign

    11. Shopping Campaign

  3. Search Console

    1. Landing Pages

    2. Countries

    3. Devices

    4. Queries

  4. Social

    1. Network Referrals

    2. Landing Pages

    3. Conversions

    4. Plugins

    5. Users Flow

  5. Campaigns

    1. All Campaigns

    2. Paid Keywords

    3. Organic Keywords

    4. Cost Analysis


  1. Behavior Flow

  2. Site Content

    1. All Pages

    2. Content Drill Down

    3. Landing Pages

    4. Exit Pages

  3. Site Speed

    1. Page Timings

    2. Speed Suggestions

    3. User Timings

  4. Site Search

    1. Usage

    2. Search Terms

    3. Search Pages

  5. Events

    1. Top Events

    2. Pages

    3. Events Flow

  6. Publishers

    1. Publisher Pages

    2. Publisher Referrers

  7. Experiments


  1. Goals

    1. Goal URLs

    2. Reverse Goal Path

    3. Funnel Visualization

    4. Goal Flow

  2. Ecommerce

    1. Product Performance

    2. Sales Performance

    3. Transactions

    4. Time to Purchase

  3. Multi-Channel Funnels

    1. Assisted Conversions

    2. Top Conversion Path

    3. Time Lag

    4. Path Length

    5. Model Comparision Tool

How Much is the Google Analytics Course Fee in India?

Several questions will arise when you are looking for information related to the Google Analytics Course fee in India. In general, Quora has more answers related to this question. However, it is not very specific to India. Most of the answers available on public platforms are not trusted. The cost mentioned in the answer and the actual value will vary. 

Hence, I decided to share the fee details of this particular India. Remember, institutes in India charge different course fees based on the features and services offered during the course duration.

Few categories in which the course fee may vary are

  • Group or Individual sessions
  • Week Days or Week-End Sessions
  • Crash Course or Regular Course
  • Online or Class Room Course
In general, the online course fee will be less in India compared to regular classroom training. Another category is the individual classes and group classes. 

Few institutes in India will charge based on the modules you prefer to learn. The minimum course fee and duration are mentioned below:

Modules Minimum (INR) Maximum (INR)
Google Analytics Course 25000 40000

Note: The Course fee mentioned above is an estimated cost for your current place in India. The fee may vary from time to time and your requirements.

Why Google Analytics Training?

Every business and day-to-day activities of a human being in India is driven by digital platforms and products nowadays. Any person can not live without the internet and electronic gadget's impact. Starting from watching the favorite songs and movies to fund transfer, the internet has made it simple. 

When we make a decision to blend your current business with digital, we can explore the opportunity of exponential growth and global audience reach sitting down in India. When we take the logic of how the whole world is connected via the internet, all come into a single roof called a computer, laptop, desktop, and Mobile Gadgets like smartphones, Palm Top, Smart TV.

We can take advantage of these latest trends to target people based on their choice of words used to search on the internet, the interest expressed via social media platforms, shopping behavior, and travel habits. 

Learning to take advantage of these advanced technologies will save time and money. Moreover, the number of physical efforts are reduced to almost nil. Hence, it is a great effort to learn Google Analytics right now. Because any decision not taken at the right time is of no use.

Google Analytics Training for Beginners

Beginners in any industry must associate with a mentor. The only thing that is holding you from learning the latest technology from India is the fear of the end result. At times, the inferiority complex and your association in India have a great impact on your fear factor in learning Google Analytics as a beginner. 

Until you do not associate with successful digital marketers virtually and never listen to people who are not involved or succeeded in the industry, you can never become an expert at it. All you need to do is watch videos related to Google Analytics on youtube, Subscribe to the industry leader's channel and newsletter. 

Google Analytics Training in India

The best way to learn Google Analytics training in India is to hire a trainer who is available to mentor you online anytime you need it. You might know it by yourself that the training institutes near your home are not offering quality training and their services are flooded with fake reviews.  

You might think traveling to metropolitan cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Trichy, and Madurai can help you to learn online marketing. It is not so. You can connect with any trainer who is knowledgeable using online platforms and get yourself certified from the respective services providers like Google and Facebook.

Online Marketing Training in India

You can enroll in online marketing training in India and earn knowledge and certificate. You can do perfect research online and connect with a quality trainer. Several aspirants are connecting with me via Google, Youtube, Quora, Facebook, and other online platforms to learn via instructor-led online training sessions.

It is possible to learn and implement internet-based marketing based concepts sitting down in India.

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