Online Digital Marketing Training Institutes were established and working 24/7 and 365 days a year.
Online Digital Marketing Course is the current trending practice to learn from anywhere and anytime across the globe. 

Online Digital Marketing Training Institutes | Online Digital Marketing Course

The major problem faced by all professionals in learning and upskilling their knowledge is the availability of time. Traveling to an institute continuously for a month or two daily basis is not a preferred choice for any professional who is already locked with busy schedules. Hence learning any course preferably digital marketing is not a preferred choice to be learned from a physical location and office. 

Learning the business technology used for marketing using the internet technology is the best way to offer hands-on experience with training and highly flexible time slots for busy professionals like you.

What is Online Digital Marketing Course?

Digital marketing is the practice of promoting a product or a service using any platform that takes advantage of the internet. Well, designed course from an expert having hands-on experience in the industry can teach you about the nuts and bolts along with the Nuggets related to digital marketing can be called as digital marketing course.

When you decide to learn the same course without using the traditional classroom training and taking the advantage of a computer or a laptop using the internet to learn, we call it an online learning system. To summarize if you decide to learn internet-based Technologies using and online classroom setup it is called as online digital marketing course.

Advantages of Online Digital Marketing Course Training and Institute

Learning the course using online platform has more advantages than the disadvantages related to it. For your information I have listed the major advantages of going on land to learn a new skill. 
  • You can save lots of time without travelling
  • You save money on transportation and also escape from the risk associated with traffic and sun exposure
  • You can have your online sessions are recorded and can be used for future references.
  • You will be able to attend the classes from anywhere in the world without cancelling it and travelling can be a part of your plan during the course of learning
  • You can connect from the comfort of your home or office
  • Your schedules can be highly flexible
  • You can easily share your ideas and thought process by sharing your screen.
  • You will get an opportunity to get the hands on experience along with the touch and feel of the internet based products.
You must learn football on the ground and Must learn to swim only in the water. Vice Versa will not work out. Hence, it is a smart idea to learn online marketing course using internet platform.


What Are the Modules Covered in Online Digital Marketing Course?

The complete digital marketing revolves around two major internet based programs one is search engine and another one is social media. Both the platforms free method so called organic or the paid method is follow to increase. The probability of reaching any business goal. 

A business may have several goals like increasing Brand Awareness, Reaching more people, Generating leads for the business, Promoting the video views, Installing the number of mobile application installation, Creating E-Commerce or shopping advertisement, Driving visitors to Physical business location or website and so on.

These business goals can be met using organic and paid techniques available in search engine and social media platforms. There are other process like affiliate marketing techniques, email marketing campaigns.

By maintaining the online reputation of any business and taking the advantage of Optimization and marketing practices anyone can get visibility in the internet platform. In order to make sure that you get the complete lessons of digital marketing products the following models or capsule is designed and included in this online digital marketing course you are about to enroll and learn right away.

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Content Creation for Website
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. On Page Optimization
  5. Advanced SEO
  6. Off Page SEO
  7. Google My Business Listing
  8. Google Algorithm
  9. Youtube Optimization
  10. Google Search Console
  11. Google Analytics
  12. Google Ads Training (SEM)
  13. Social Media Optimization
  14. Social Media Marketing
  15. Twiiter Marketing
  16. Linkedin Marketing
  17. Email Marketing Training
  18. Affiliate Marketing
  19. Google Adsense
  20. Online Reputation Management

How does Instructor Led Online Session Work?

Horses come with several options. No option is second to none because the learning techniques and methods are used to teach people who were from different backgrounds and different schedules. 
The different online learning methods are
  • Instructor LED live session
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • A blog for Website content
  • Ebook
  • Using Learning Module System (LMS)
Out of the topics given above the best choice is to enroll for the instructor LED live session. Explain how this instructor-led online session works. 

This is similar to classroom training the only difference is the attendees and the trainer will be located in their own office or home. Both trainer and professionals will be online and having a video chat enabled or screen sharing enabled so that the document on the product can be shown on the other screen from the place where the resource is sitting.

The documentation can be made online using cloud storage documentation process like Google Docs are Microsoft Excel online and so on. These cloud-based documentation helps the professionals to refer modify and to use it as a document for future references at any time between lead to access to the information without having any laws like physical notes.

The session can be more interactive, the participants can ask questions, the trainer can give them the answer that is to the level of satisfaction which over takes the performance of a traditional classroom training.

Instructor Led Online Digital Marketing Session

How Much is the Course Fee for Online Digital Marketing Training?

Course fee for the instructor LED online digital marketing course varies slightly based on your country's currency value. It may also vary based on the time that you consume and also the amount of support required. I strongly suggest you to schedule an appointment by connecting with me via the WhatsApp number +91 7010 638 398. We will discuss the details and share the course fee for the complete course that needs your needs.

Can I Learn Online Digital Marketing from Udemy?

Yes you can prefer to learn the digital marketing course from Udemy platform. Its pretty simple and also easy to understand. There are discounts and offer launched during seasonal festivals. You can take the advantage of a learning using udemy platform but the one thing that you will miss is the mentor-ship or the real-time support that you get in the instructor led session. As you get 30 days money back guarantee, you can give it a try.

How to Learn Online Digital Marketing Course with Certificates?

For your information 90 percentage of the certification program related to digital marketing is offered for free by the respective product owners like Google. They also offer online Universities and Academy to help you understand the concepts using animated videos that are made simple. If you have knowledge you can appear for the several certification programs offered by Google like Google Analytics certified professional Google search ad personal Google display ad professional Google eCommerce ad professional and so on.

If you have knowledge you can directly login to the Google skill shop portal and take the assessment to complete them and get the certifications on your Google account profile. You can also visit the institutes like e-marketing Institute and take assessment on different topics to certify yourself for free. End of the day it is your knowledge that is going to speak and hence I take the responsibility of helping you to gain the knowledge required for clearing all the certifications here is where the trainers like me or playing a vital role in shaping the professionals career related to digital marketing in the current industry and Trend.

What is the Duration of the Digital Marketing Course?

I personally offer the complete digital marketing course with the duration of 2 months which includes live instructor LED sessions. Along with it, I also extend my support for another 8 months by offering support for real time projects and own business to increase the business visibility in the internet platform.

So you will be getting a 2 months of vigorous online practical training and eight months of real-time support based on the situation and scenario that includes phone support and Google meet support.

Who Must Learn Digital Marketing Course?

Anyone who prefers to have an internet based visibility or willing to promote his product or services of his business or the family business can learn the digital marketing course. People who prefer to work from home and generate revenue on the residual basis can also learn/ this course.

For your information, I have shared few profiles that can take advantage of the digital marketing program:
  • Working Professionals
  • Branding  / Sales / Marketing Professionals
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Housewives

What are the Opportunities Available after Completing the Digital Marketing Course?

The below mentioned opportunities are available for Digital Marketers:
  • You can go for a Job / Freelancer/ Consultant
  • You can start a website (Blog)
  • You can start an App/Video Channel monetize
  • You can start a Digital Marketing Agency
  •  Digital Marketing Specialist
  •  Content Marketing Specialist
  •  SEO Specialist
  •  Online Marketing Specialist
  •  Inbound Marketing Specialist
  •  Search Engine Marketing Specialist
  •  Social Media Marketing Specialist
  •  Email Marketing Specialist

Online Freelancing Platforms

 Any individual who has the knowledge about the internet and the online marketing can share his knowledge and skills bed using the online freelancing platform that can give opportunities and revenue generating. I have shared, few examples of freelancing platform that offers opportunities online.
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • LinkedIn Profinder