We are going to discuss a term called Competitive Analysis. Okay the term itself says analyzing your competitor. Competitive analysis is a process that helps a business owner to analyze the presence and the competition for his business with respect to his competitors using online tools. 

Okay so competitive analysis so this is my definition. Let me say you are going to open a tea stall in your location.

What do you do? 

You will determine how many stores are available in your area.?

What are the products and services that other stalls are offering that I am not offering? or what is the product that is in demand that is not available anywhere that I can do? 

Where can I make my business unique like this? when you try to do this in your business. You do this okay basically Competitive Analysis.

Okay and there is a analysis technique also. Okay, so where we have you know the strength weakness opportunities and the threats. So there's a technique called SWOT

Which stands for S stands for the Strength, W stands for you know Weakness, O stands for the Opportunity, and T stands for the Threats.

Preferably people who are in the you know marketing industry knows this. Threads which means strength weakness opportunity and threats. Under this competitive analysis, you will realize and analyze what is your strength and also your competitor's strength.

So you will figure out your strength, your competitor strength, at the same time you will also figure out what is your weakness and your competitors weakness?

You will also figure out what is the opportunity that you have for developing and your competitors may have for developing and what are the threats that you may face when you start the business.

What are the threats that may help may make your business be enclosed. So the risk factor that you are going to undergo under this what okay i mean the business model.

So basically SWOT is a basic analysis model that people use in the industry with respect to seo competitive analysis means like monitoring your competitors.

Let us see what is the meaning of competitive analysis.

Competitive analysis is indirectly trying to understand your competitors. Okay SEO competitor analysis is a template. Okay what exactly is your competitive analysis is?

Researching the links keywords content. So obviously links how many links the website is receiving? how many internal links it has? how many out bound link it has? how many backlink it has? how many do followings? how many no follow links? how many keywords are being ranking for this website?

What is the quality of the content? so by understanding the competitors activity, we will build our own strategy. So reverse engineering whatever the strategy that they are following. we will also try to follow. So that, we also get some successful and fruitful results.

This is one opportunity. This is the definition that we have taken from internet. Okay there are several tools that is used to compare the competitors. Any tool that
you search is basically considered can be considered as a competitive analysis is true.

So, we can do this competitive analysis for free by going online by looking for some free tools or we're going for some failed rules whether it's purely your choice okay i'm not a person of teaching you with paying your tools. 

I am a person of teaching you to live with organic tools and you know free tools so that you can grow your business with the minimal investment and have a very good return.