So out of the different advertisement goals we have, we are trying to explore something called a reach Campaign.

Basically, I believe, we don't need to explore specifically about reach. But let us see what are the options we have under the option of the campaign?

Let us try to understand. Okay? What are the different options available inside? You know Twitter advertisements. So I am just clicking next from there. So this is all.  Progress will be lost if you change the objective or issuer okay?

It seems like I have selected a different objective here so when I try to proceed it says like hey you know what you have chosen a different objective or a goal but it seems like you are changing it.

If you pay attention to this interface, it's really simple elegant okay it's not that confusing okay very simple and it says it is untitled okay so the campaign is untitled so we can name this campaign too okay but there is an option let's see what happens okay and then we proceed and campaign details now it is segregated with the three major section number one is the campaign and the next one is the ad group and we have a review. 

So only, three sections like similar to google's advertisement or Facebook advertisement the terminology is different you will have a campaign the campaign comprises of ad sets or ad groups or you know yeah I'd say on that group ad service with Facebook and ad group is with google and also with Twitter.

Now once we define all this we will be proceeding with this one. Reach the goal is to reach maximum people reach your ads.  now if I want to change my goal go click on edit and change my primary code if I want you can do it here.  I'm going to name the campaign. 

Let me say let me put a comma so the reason the tweet which I published is about the master, So I can also put something like standing with the master campaign. So this is the name of the campaign standing with the master so there is a movie being released.

I am supporting the master of movies you know leak the video not to be spread something like that.  So funding source credit card.  I have a credit card in-store that is saved so that will automatically be used and it says runs to runs uh July 28, 2017, which means that this is the time where I created the account I believe with the payment information.

Now there is something called a daily budget and total budget for the campaign which you want to run. 

It has taken down 100 as a default budget.  Now, this amount which is used daily you will never spend more than this that's really good. But 100 somewhere around 7000 rupees per day correct? So it's basically a daily budget.  Now let me go with approximately uh three dollars and see what happens.  

There's a possibility of putting three dollars there's a possibility of putting one dollar. The challenge here is like I think we cannot change it to INR or our specific you know country-based. 

The currency that's the challenge we have. USD. Now, this is one option. One dollar is approximately 70 rupees right now. 

What's happening right now.  So seven rupees per day if you want to go for 500 rupees per day obviously you'll just go with ten dollars or you know eight nine dollars. So let me go with the ten dollars per day which is around 700 rupees.  So I spend 700 rupees every day to run my campaign.

If I want to run a campaign for a particular week or a month, then I will go with the start and end date. 

There is an option if I want to go for the total budget, I should have an end date. For example, I am going to spend only 100 on the whole campaign which is starting from this particular date to any other data which I choose in the future.

Let me say 12 1 2020 to 6 to 2020. One month I spent only 100 but I want business my advertisement to be shorter people. A small example. So rather than taking this risk let me go with a daily budget of 10 per day.  So 10 per day. I don't need an end date. I will just delete this.  

So any campaign whichever you are going to create that campaign will have an option to select your objective you will have to rename your campaign or name your campaign you have to supply the funding source and you have to add the daily budget.  or the total budget.  so start and end date should be given.  let us see any other option we have.  so we have an option called basing facing means like the speed in which your advertisement is delivered to people.

We can also call it a frequency.  How frequently the content is shown is called standard, which means selecting your delivery method as the standard.  that is actually used in google ads here it is called the pacing standard. It means your content will be shown to people throughout the day based on your budget.

Let me say, I have a dollar ten. Now four dollars are spent before 11 a.m in the morning and I have only six dollars remaining per day. I have another 12 hours to run the advertisement. So the advertising platform will manage to use your daily budget equally or evenly throughout the day.  That is standard. If you go for the accelerator, the budget of 10 dollars will be drained out immediately.

This means as quickly as possible your advertisement will be shown to all the people and it is possible that at 10 o'clock in the morning or 11 o'clock in the morning, your whole budget expires.

Your whole budget is expired. So now what happens in this situation? We have no other choice, right? So you can either go for a standard or accelerated delivery. It depends on your choice.

What they are saying about standard, so ads run throughout the day to spend the budget as effectively as possible. The whole day accelerated for time-constrained the campaigns like a major sporting event.

So as often as each day. For example, you have a deadline, you have a date that you have to use it to promote. You have to go with the deadline date. Another option is, you go for the accelerator campaign option.

Generally, we go with this standard delivery. 

We are going to name the Ad Group again let me stand with the master.  It's a movie, right? so it's a movie and I want to show this content to all those people who love this movie and all the stuff.

They have an audience estimate that we are going to estimate or you know try to understand what this concept is all about. If I want to run my advertisement with a very specific time. 

I can go and say that. Start this advertisement at you know around 10 a.m in the morning and the end of this advertisement on the same day. So start this advertisement so it's not about advertisement it's about ad group what we defined earlier was with respect to the campaign.

This is ad proof specifically for this ad group. Remember. you can create more than one ad group and we can customize each and every ad group. But however, let us not go for scheduling the ad group because the campaign itself is defined to start and run.  so it is optional.  if you want to specifically limit your budget with respect to this particular ad group go ahead and define your project here.

Because this is an ad group level budget. However, if you do not want to show this. You can now go ahead and define your campaign. I mean your budget with the campaign level. So, let us know we are not going to do this stuff optional because we have already defined the same thing under the ad groups when you are creating the campaign.

There is other options bid type. How are you going to compete with your competitor's automatic bid which means that the Twitter platform itself will decide what to promote and how to promote and how do you give you the business.  

If you want you can go with the target cost which means you will be defining how much money I will spend for thousand people. It is suggested to have three-point five dollars a six dollar. 

But let me say let me find only one dollar.  For every thousand people, only one dollar, and I want to reach maximum people. We can also choose to reach with engagement which means like people may potentially you know tweet or you know comment or do some activities like that. 

So if you want to limit your bid amount yes limited if money is not your constraint you can actually leave your strategy with an automatic bid system.  so any of the choices you can use.  and set up a custom cap automatically optimize frequency recommended.  if again if you want to limit your advertising budget you have to set up a cap either on bidding or advertisement.  

and target people who match now here is where we are going to define the audience I mean the demographics and all the stuff gender you want to show to men you understand women you want to select both the gender.  and all the age or you want to limit to some particular age gender 18 and up I mean 13 and up.  so if you say pay close attention to this one the budget currency is also in USD 

is also from 13 so from this you can understand that Twitter is not a specific marker for India.  Facebook and Google is the two major product Instagram or the better product.  Facebook Instagram google youtube.  so this platform is best for the Indian market however we can still use it here but uh never ever related to products related to India only because it is a global platform. To define the age range.

For India, we will go with the 18 plus.  18 or you go to from 18 to let me say 34 years. They are you know energetic with this movie so 34. I want to target people from a different location this is India.  so let me go with so let me remove India.  so I have defined my location I have defined my language and I go only with Tamil my god they don't have an option for them. 

How about not having this one? Anyway so promoting products related to Tamil and Twitter is not a game to show.  

User Devices and Operating Systems

Now the next thing talks about the devices which operating system you want to target which is actually optional. Maximum people use android and also people use ios. You can still restrict by going to the different versions of your android or ios.  

Our other mobile and also desktop. So it is optional by default. It is supposed to show you to all the people. We have several optional techniques here. Anything that is optional is not required for us. 

There are several options available here. So there is something called custom audiences. Do you remember, we discussed the custom audiences in Facebook which is about a custom audience and a lookalike audience?

If you have a list of people where you want to target.  That is coming under the custom audience section.  Where you will have to you know include the audience from yours.  or in section whichever you have.  based on app activity website activity you should have an app you should have a list of people where you will upload those lists to you know website activity to the Twitter 

platform and they will use that information to target your advertisement. There are other features like targeting features which say if you want to target the specific keywords. You can target lookalike audiences again.

Let me go with Vijay fans. So I want to target this particular keyboard. There is no global audience available so I target people who Vijay fan.  

okay now, what happens if you look into this one.  the audience estimate is also shown.  I can reach 46 000 to 56 000 people so based on the page.  which people are using.  go to this one select all and I can promote.  I have all this I can also go ahead and check out people's interests I can also add movie events.  different conversation topics and everything.  based on your business 

model type whichever you're trying to promote you can use this one.  we have an option called the placements which means like where you want to show your advertisement you want to show your ads on people's profiles when they visit our content when they search.  you can show it here.  and finally is creative.  creative is something where you have to promote your post or tweet 

remember the last tweet which I did was in 2018.  and the reason for it which I did right now.  is with on i mean that is today at around 28 minutes ago now I'm just going to choose which tweet I'm going to promote i will choose this to it done.  so the two distortions so creating an advertisement with Twitter is so simple that you don't need to type your content title description landing page nothing correct.

So you can go ahead and simply do it and you can preview how does the campaign look like. So this is how your campaign will look like on ios on android and on desktop. So what happens here I go ahead and look at this preview.  once this is hit publish automatically it is going to show this tweet to lots of people.  it's going to show this it to lots of people and finally, when I click on next I'll be taken to the preview screen. 

It says your goal is to reach more people your campaign starts on Jan 12 there is no end date. You are spending a daily budget of dollar 10 and the total budget is none you are not using any total budget you are using your credit-debit card and the pacing is a standard basing so this is for a single ad group with a single advertisement.

If you want to add one more ad group to show a different advertisement for the same audience you can go click on the new ad group and you can continue creating this advertisement.  similar to any other advertisement types there are several concepts like start date end date total budget daily budget.  audience size summary of the audience where are your advertisement will be shown.

It's basically placement and also which is the tweet you are trying to promote.  Finally, you go ahead and click on the launch campaign this campaign will undergo approval and automatically once approved based on the quality guidelines and everything uh with respect to Twitter.  it will automatically be approved and it will not give you the option to run by yourself.  it has to undergo 

an operable status.  if it is declined again we have to troubleshoot otherwise it is a good chance for us to promote.  so it's all about the interface and the basics about you know Twitter how does it look like.  similar to any other advertisement type.  the options we have are ad groups demographics devices custom audiences targeting features placement creators and all this stuff.  

very simple uh to see and also to understand because we have already gone through the Facebook and you know google advertisement this seems you know pretty simple compared to any other concept.