Lesson 1.2 Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing | Free Online Digital Marketing Course in Tamil By Amudha Kumar

Free Online Digital Marketing Course in Tamil. Watch the video of Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing in Tamil by Amudhakumar.

  • What is Traditional Marketing?

A practice followed on a continuous basis that is inherited from previous generations.

  • Outdoor (Billboards, bus/taxi wraps, posters etc)

Billboard Advertisement

Bus or Taxi Ads

Wall Posters

  • Broadcasting (TV, Radio etc)

Broadcast Advertising. Generally speaking, broadcast advertising is radio, television, and Internet advertising. The commercials aired on radio and televisions are an essential part of broadcast advertising. The broadcast media like radio and television reaches a wider audience as opposed to the print media.

  • Print (Magazines, newspapers etc)

  • Direct Mail (catalogues etc)

  • Telemarketing (Phone, text message)

  • Window display and signs

  • What is Digital Marketing?

Same practices that are followed in traditional marketing advertisements are now implemented in internet platforms where the product or service by the advertiser is shown to the target audience and their electronic device's screen.

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc)

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Quora are called social media platforms. These platforms have both organic and paid promotion techniques.

  • Website

The advertisements are shown in the top banner, side banner (left and right), Bottom of the website and in between the content. Similar to billboards. The visitors to the website are called traffic. The ads are shown to those visitors.

  • Content marketing

Creating content about a product or service (advertorial, Editorial content, Product Review) promoting the content is called content marketing. 

  • Affiliate marketing

Helping other businesses to sell their product or services and getting sales commission from the sellers.

  • Inbound marketing

This is a technique used to drive the target audience to the website and get the busienss converted. 

  • Email marketing

Sending a promotional emails to the target audience. Getting the deals closed. 

  • PPC (pay per click)

Pay per Click advertising method. 

  • SEM (Search engine marketing)

Creating Brand awareness, reach, sales, video promotion, App Installation, and Shopping Ads using search engine platforms like Google, yahoo, bing, and duckduckgo.

  • Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing

    • Costly | Affordable

    • Can not be targeted | Can be Targeted

    • Can not measure | Can be measured

    • Permanent | Less Permanent

    • Consumes Time | Saves Time