Lesson 12.1 Switching from Google Ads Express to Google Ad Expert Mode | Free Online Digital Marketing Course in Tamil By Amudha Kumar

Depending on whether you're in Smart Mode or Expert Mode, your Google Ads experience will differ slightly from one another. Google Ads' Smart Mode is a simplified version of the standard version. It was created to make the advertising experience as simple as possible, allowing businesses to achieve real results while saving time when setting up and managing campaigns. Every campaign that is run in Smart Mode is a Smart campaign, and vice versa. With smart campaigns, advertisers can choose their business goals and the locations where their ads will appear, and then Google will use artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver real results that are tailored to those goals. These results may include phone calls, actions on the advertiser's website, and store visits, making it simple to reach more customers. The vast majority of new Google Ads users will opt to use Google Ads in Smart Mode when they first sign up. Expert Mode allows you to access the entire range of Google Ads features and campaign types available. While it provides advertisers with greater control over their bidding strategies, it also necessitates more complex management of those strategies. It's for this reason that we recommend it for more experienced marketers and advertisers.

Changing from Smart Mode to Expert Mode is simple.

Smart campaigns can benefit businesses of all sizes because of the automation technology and time-saving advantages they provide. To switch to Expert Mode in Google Ads, follow the steps outlined below if you want access to more advanced features or other campaign types in the programme.
  • Once you've signed into your Google Ads account, go to the top right corner and click the Tools icon Google Ads | tools [Icon].
  • Select Expert Mode from the drop-down menu.
  • Once you've switched to Expert Mode, you'll have access to the full Google Ads experience, including the ability to create all Google Ads campaign types, including search, display, video, app, and shopping campaigns.
  • Please keep in mind that once your account has been switched to "Expert Mode," you will not be able to switch it back to "Smart Mode." Although your Smart campaigns cannot be edited from Expert Mode, you can always edit them from the same location as you would edit any other campaign.