Lesson 1.8 Customize Third Party Professional Blog Spot Template | Free Online Digital Marketing Course in Tamil By Amudha Kumar

Are you a blogger who wants to make your site look better?

Blogger makes it simple for anyone to create a professional-looking website. Don't worry about the start since I'll show you how to turn Blogger into a website.

Creating and Blogging with Blog

For a variety of reasons, Blogger is a viable alternative to WordPress. It has a straightforward registration and setup procedure. As soon as you register, you may begin writing your content.

Blogger was purchased by Google when it bought Pyra Labs in 2003. Because Blogger is owned by Google, it is connected with the rest of Google's products. You can share space in both Gmail and Google Drive. Your photographs are also saved on Google Images.

Furthermore, there will be no additional charges for hosting. Google hosts Blogger on its own servers.

You won't have to worry about security either. Everything is taken care of by the support system. Blogger will also supply you with a bevy of complimentary services.

The design of Blogger is its only shortcoming. The design is straightforward and uncomplicated. You may, fortunately, change it at any time.

Customizing Blogger Template

To customize the blogger Template, simply follow the steps given below:

1. Log in to your blogger.com account.
2. Select the blog you need to customize from the left side drop-down list.
3. Click on the option theme on the left side column.
4. Select the Customize Option

Now play with the menu options to customize the look and feel. You can change the color, size, font, background image, and so on. The options to choose from are endless.

Customize Blogger Template Like a Pro