Not only a Digital marketing career, in every walks of life, if you do not love our profession, but it is also always a bad choice. If you are passionate about the latest technologies and love to experiment with the latest trends and business, then digital marketing is a great career for you.

With no specific qualifications required, the knowledge and the nuggets can take you to a high place in your career.

If you have time, learn the digital marketing course by yourself using free online materials. However, if you are a person who is running short of time, need to learn the cream of the whole show in a shorter period of time, you need to hire a digital marketing mentor who can be with you in your digital marketing learning and implementation phase.

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Career in Digital Marketing Intro

Before we analyse the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a digital marketer, we should look into the advancement of marketing. If you're from the early-to-mid 2000s, you likely remember those fun TV commercials. Some of them were great, while many of them were cringe-inducing.

However, for the most part, their motives were to introduce you to a product and encourage you to buy it. Advertising and marketing is a company's main strategy to gain new customers and expand the client base. Marketing is strongly influenced by current consumer trends. Digital marketing then plays a crucial role.

in-demand skill

Try to recollect the last time you watched television for more than an hour. You're forgiven. Instead of TVs, individuals now utilise the internet to watch TV programmes as they are uploaded. Businesses are now marketing using digital media as well as traditional media.

Because the internet is unlimited, digital marketing has to focus on many jobs and abilities in order to compete. A lucrative choice has grown, and digital marketer demand is expanding.

Digital Marketing, What it is?

Before we discuss how to move forward in digital marketing, let's first define what digital marketing is. In digital marketing, a corporation has a product that it wishes to sell and so, it engages customers, introduces the product, and closes a transaction.

When firms want to engage customers using the great potential of the internet, they have to employ multiple people in different jobs and with unique skill-sets. Digital marketing is innovative and diverse. As a marketer, you might encounter various digital marketing fields:

  • Animation and Graphics
  • Web Analytics
  • Video / Short Video Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Entactive/interactive technology (like AI)
  • Using social media
  • SMS Marketing
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Web site design
  • Web site development
  • writing and editing
  • Digital Marketing strategy

You're a fresher, and as such, you are only required to master two or three skills at a time. In order to manage, you will have to learn a couple of these.

Which skills are in demand?

The digital marketing phenomenon is undeniable. Nearly all firms are adopting digital marketing and, as a result, the demand for digital marketers is fairly high. Let's step away from the demand to examine a few numbers. In general, around 93% of online activity begins with a search engine.

It is important that your content is made search engine-friendly to rank. According to studies, almost 80% of Americans buy something online every month. To prosper, a firm needs a fundamental understanding of digital marketing. In 2017, digital advertising, content strategy, social media, and content creation were in-demand skills.

If you focus on skill sets like SEO and SEM, you will have no problem landing a high-paying job. Content marketing is based on the availability of traffic, so analysis of patterns is required. You can design your work so that it gets more traffic to your work.

To whom does digital marketing apply?

You might be thinking if you are suited for a job in digital marketing. Digital marketing can benefit practically everyone. If you enjoy coding, you can easily obtain a web developer position. Nowadays, even AI is being applied in interactive technologies.

Additionally, data science can be utilised to find customer patterns, which is useful in digital marketing. Digital marketing is plenty for creative individuals. Writers can create and manage material. Also significant in digital marketing is the design and video-editing industries.

In marketing, however, ongoing learning is required because the environment always changes. Be a proactive and interested person as well as know how businesses work. As you grow more versatile and skilled, your job prospects will improve in the digital marketing profession.

What's in it for you?

There are many different options you might explore when it comes to digital marketing. The faster you learn something, the quicker you will advance up the ladder. However, there are also other benefits of digital marketing for you:


1. Companies in the current world are looking for workers with soft talents. You can upskill yourself by gaining more skills, especially in this field. Planning to develop abilities will move you toward future excursions.

2. A versatile field. Once you've chosen a speciality, it's more difficult to adjust your focus. You will need substantial instruction. With digital marketing, very little training is required for you to change over. Digital marketing offers something for everyone. You can acquire new skills by utilising skills you already have.

3. When you are looking for a job, you are also searching for security. The practise of using an evolving industry may be disrupted during an emergency closure. Digital marketing is still in its infancy and continually expanding. There's always something around the corner to learn and develop.

Digital marketing places you in a secured field but also allows you to commit yourself entirely in the sector. Check out the digital marketing positions blog post to discover more about digital marketing job opportunities.

4. Earnings–digital marketing employment opportunities are abundant, and therefore you have a great deal of negotiating power. With digital marketing, you don't have to be in-house to work. You can freelance or work remotely. You can negotiate your ideal compensation if you have the requisite experience and skill. In India, digital marketing roles have multiple salary tiers.

5. Digital marketing is incredibly innovative. Creative people find opportunities in digital marketing, unlike in many technical sectors. There are plenty of job openings in these fields. Also, devising marketing plans, resolving problems, and engaging customers all demand innovative approaches.

6. Learning new abilities to keep moving up the ranks is standard in digital marketing. The great thing is that you have total control over your speed and comfort. If you're self-employed or in a work-from-home arrangement, you can learn at home.

You can pursue online training to enhance your skill development. You can volunteer to develop a website or blog, or manage your personal social media pages. It will help you develop an awesome portfolio. Also, many of these skills do not involve financial input from your end.

7. Diverse working environments are well-known to yield significant professional advancement. You get to explore your creative side in the digital marketing world since you meet a lot of different people with different skill sets. By working with new people, you can improve your knowledge and gain a new life goal, like learning a new skill that adds to your whole portfolio.

Weaknesses or Negatives of Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing has its downsides too. The drawbacks of digital marketing include:

1. Regular learning and adaptability in digital marketing can be both a positive and a negative. The constantly dynamic nature of digital marketing might make learning a bit chaotic. When you are looking to grasp new trends, you have to keep on your toes. You also have to be flexible and adjust your approaches when the market changes.

2. High competition — Digital marketing, like any other field, is quite competitive. However, as this profession is extremely creative in nature, competition increases further. As a digital marketer, one of your main aims is to rank Google's page or website and make it appear on the top page. You will not only compete with other top pages, but also with other blog pages and websites. The competition is worldwide

How to begin your digital marketing career?

You undoubtedly question how to start your digital marketing job. Since digital marketing involves a lot of transferrable abilities, learning a few abilities is useful for digital marketing. Honoring your skills can set you right down your digital marketing career.

If you have a degree in web development, marketing management, design and copywriting, then you already have certain talents that can be applied in digital marketing. A smart method to enhance your exposure is to construct your personal brand and a portfolio to generate your own digital presence.

When you develop your brand, you'll most certainly try to remain on top of trends. This will help you understand how trends function and obtain a lot of information about trends like AI or virtual reality. Try to learn how marketing department can modify these tendencies.

Keep your Facebook or other social media pages congruent with your skill set to exhibit your skills publicly. Remember to advertise. You can join Facebook like-minded groups or create your Medium blog.

Next, you can take a proper course or job path to authenticate your skill. While degrees, certifications and credentials are not always essential in digital marketing, in the long run it might provide you a tremendous boost. Here are several job paths to increase your digital marketing profession.

Final Words

A digital marketing career is incredibly lucrative if you play your cards. You must keep your learning spirit active and always aim high. Never be complacent when choosing a digital marketing career — there's always space for improvement.