Let us explore the free content ideas tool that can help you to generate 100% free content ideas for your website.

free content ideas tool

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Greetings, everyone My name is Amudha Kumar, and I am an Online Digital Marketing Trainer. I help people establish their businesses on digital platforms, offering customized training.

Those who are truly interested in learning about digital marketing, but prefer to take my time on a payment plan or prefer to work on their own schedule, please look me up on YouTube.

To go ahead and sign up for your digital marketing course requirements, and then go to my website, https://www.amudhakumar.com, and locate my YouTube channel where you can look for Amudha Kumar Digital Marketing Course and sign up for my website as well.

Now, the topic I'm going to focus on today is digital marketing. Today's topic deals with the question of how to produce unlimited content ideas using a free tool, all for free. With zero investment, you can easily come up with an unlimited amount of content ideas that only cater to your niche.

I mean to say the specific topic content, micro-niche style. Please list some examples for me.

In this demonstration, I will be doing so live in front of you. There are two ways to demonstrate a concept: you can perform an example or demonstrate a concept in your own business. You can generate content ideas and begin creating content for your website using either method. Content is the King. Quality content is the King of the King. Therefore, I'm going to educate you on how to produce all this good content.

These keyword ideas are endless.

I'm going to show you an example. In this case, I will type in Google.com into the search bar. All right, then I'll look up air conditioning service in Chennai. And because of this, other services will be offered. There are various service options that you can search for. Search for cable TV service in Chennai if you are providing cable TV service.

You know you are offering a TV repair service if you put the ads out. Go ahead and get your search ready because now you can look for your ads and Google's search algorithm has a system to display several answers to one search query.

Check out the "People Also Ask" section if you haven't already.

Since the default state of this questions section gives us four different questions that talk about the options we're including, pay attention to the different options we have that are listed in this section.

  • Which air conditioning service is better?
  • What is the cost?

Although these four questions are not relevant to Chennai specifically, they may be of interest to residents of Chennai. Now I am going to use this expanded opportunity to investigate various options when it comes to Chennai ac service.

After doing this, I see that I have two more questions to answer. After being added to this question bank, I can proceed to the next question by clicking the Next button.

Another two questions have been added. The third question is minimized and then I click. That is my last question. It is here at the end. It's my next click and I

Don't overcomplicate it.

Two more questions will be added to the list. It's the same way I go through every option regardless of which one I get. This also means, when I click open this particular piece of content and I read it, Google thinks I'm interested in this topic and I might be interested in learning more about related topics.

So for as many times as I want this content to be generated, I'll copy everything and then repeat.

This result is generated by clicking on this particular topic until the first question.

Well, in that case, it will be impossible to paste the content directly into Google Sheets, due to some technical issues. In this case, an online notepad editor is my tool of choice.

If you are using your own computer's notepad, simply open a new document and copy and paste this information. I have a lot of blank space and blanks between my rows, so I click on the desired column in the toolbar, go to the data option, and then scroll to the bottom to select the option to remove duplicate rows.

Once all the duplicates have been removed, the results will be obtained. I am prepared with 42 distinct questions. So you have a blank column in the second column, and I will make a row. Then, I will remove the row to make the page wide.

My questions are almost complete, so the feedback is not really a question.

So, with my prepared 40 questions, you can use the expand the system feature several times to get additional questions.

Finally, we have multiple content ideas that are closely connected to your industry or field.

To conclude, what you should do now is pick one, or perhaps several, of the topics you found and complete each one with in-depth detail and helpful content for your visitors. Once you have all the topics relevant to AC service within your website and all the content has been properly updated, your website turns into a mini version of Wikipedia that serves as an AC service encyclopaedia.

Your website should contain all the relevant information about your business for your clients. You should take care to give your clients a sense that their content is exclusively made for the people who are viewing it.

to help as many people as possible As opposed to optimising your content for search engine, your aim should be to add value to your content.

With this in mind, learn the secret of writing unique content for your customers rather than to Google so in my next video, I will help you or give you ideas about how to write 100 unique original content for your website in just five minutes.

Content creation is the biggest challenge people face when setting up a new micro niche website or business.

I am able to provide you with the concepts and strategies that will allow you to write a detailed 1,000-word article about your business that is unique, not a duplicate.

It will be very simple but I will not offer it for free: the item is similar to this video that presents a method for getting a constant flow of new content ideas for your website, as well as a recommendation to share this video with everyone who's passionate about content creation and search engine optimization.

Feel free to give this video a thumbs up and share this content to others and let us know in the comment box below: do you really want to know how to quickly and easily generate unique content for your website? In that case, type in the box below so I can be waiting for you.