Digital Marketing Course and Mentorship program by Amudhakumar is best suitable for people who needs a mentor to support them whenever they need support in executing the concepts in real-time. During and after completing the course, I will be working with you and your real-time project where you can become independent to execute the digital marketing activities. 

What is Internet Marketing Mentorship Program?

Mentoring programmes are one-on-one partnerships that are planned and take place in a work, organisation, or academic context with the goal of assisting others in achieving their objectives. In my Internet or Digital Marketing Mentorship program, I will help you to implement the digital marketing concepts practically for your business.

To get better results, it is necessary to plan and organise a mentorship programme well in advance of the program's implementation in order to connect people, expand knowledge, and develop skills in preparation for future goals and milestones in order for the programme to be effective.

Whatsapp Driven Digital Marketing Course Mentorship Program

The Whatsapp Driven Pre Recorded Live Digital Marketing Course with 10 Months Mentorship Program that costs 15000 INR comes with all the features in package 1 mentioned above and includes more value-added support. You can find the following:
  • 200+ Pre Recorded Videos
  • Simple to Advanced Concepts explained in detail with examples
  • Learn using Whatsapp
  • Learn from Anywhere Anytime
  • Includes course completion certificate upon completing the assessment.
  • Includes Placement Support
  • Includes Access to old students Instagram group 
  • Any time Live Google Meet Support for Q & A session (Based in Appointments)
  • Includes the 10 months mentorship program
  • Any time phone support
  • Real-time support for a client project
If you are looking forward to building a career in digital marketing or planning to become a freelancer, or Affiliate Marketer, or Blogger and vlogger, the Whatsapp Driven Pre Recorded Live Digital Marketing Course with 10 Months Mentorship Program will help you.