Adopting the latest technology in any walk of life is the first practice you must have when you are involved in a technology-based business. One such activity is the all-new Whatsapp Driven Digital Marketing Course that I have recently developed.

This training program is designed with the intention to help anyone looking forward to learning digital marketing without quitting their current job or business.

Affordable Pricing 5000 INR
    • 200 Plus Pre-recorded live videos in Tamil and English.
    • Detailed live recorded videos from basics to advanced concepts worth 25,000 INR.
    • Telephone support throughout the course
    • Access to Digital Marketing Masters Group with 150+ Experienced digital marketing professionals
    • Course completion certificate

How Does the Whatsapp Driven Digital Marketing Course Works?

The Whatsapp-based digital marketing training program works based on the function of a WhatsApp chatbot. This chatbot is configured in such a way that whenever you send a request message in a preferred format, a message with the content title and a link to the YouTube video will be delivered automatically at any time.

When you send a shortcode in the wrong format, the auto message will not be triggered. If you want to experience how this works, you can follow the steps given below and see it in action.

Step 1: Save my WhatsApp Number +91-7010-638-398 on your smartphone
Step 2: Open my WhatsApp Number on your mobile phone
Step 3: Type the message as "Demo" (without double quotes)
Step 4: You will receive a message with the link to a WhatsApp Video

You can watch the video and call the same number for any doubts or clarification.