The software for developing sales funnels that have established itself as the industry standard for internet enterprises is called ClickFunnels.

It is widely considered to be the best option for any internet business and virtually single-handedly established the category.

For those who are unaware, ClickFunnels is one of the most well-known and successful SaaS businesses in the marketing industry.

It is a fast, simple, and effective tool for marketing that helps business owners who do not have a background in technology develop their online presence and increase their conversion rates.

In this review of ClickFunnels, I'll be answering all of the questions that are listed below in order to assist you in determining whether or not your company needs this sales funnel builder. But before we get into that, let's review the fundamentals.

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What Are Sales Funnels?

What is Sales Funnel

The stages that a website visitor takes to become a paying customer are the processes that make up a sales funnel.

ClickFunnels simplifies the process of establishing sales funnels, hence reducing the amount of effort required on your part so that you may direct your attention to other elements of your company.

The lead magnet is the initial step in the sales process. This could be an advertisement, a social media account, or a rack of clothing that is currently on sale. It is the magnet that pulls the visitor in once they have taken their first look. In a digital setting, the visitor will most likely arrive at your page via clicking on an advertisement, following a social link that was shared by friends or conducting a Google search.

The prospective purchasers or students move on to the next funnel, which maintains their interest by providing a follow-up in the form of a monthly newsletter, audiobook, and other resources, among other things. The sales funnel will begin sending automated emails to potential customers once they have signed up for the service. These emails will help to improve the trust of your company.

A good illustration of this would be an astrologer who makes their services available through several mediums such as email, video chat, and others. The landing page is the point at which visitors are brought to the website by the sales funnel. Here, visitors can leave their information to receive a brief analysis of their natal chart.

After this, you will receive an email approximately once each month containing free readings. On the other hand, the conclusion of such readings is sometimes a cliffhanger, which is intended to persuade the reader to join up for or pay for a more in-depth interpretation.

How Does ClickFunnels Work?

Click Funnels Homepage

Although the idea of sales funnels may sound like a lot of fun and games, the reality of implementing them can be quite the contrary. ClickFunnels, on the other hand, makes the process more simpler by providing drag-and-drop templates, a sales funnels builder, an all-in-one dashboard, and even more.

In order to construct sales funnels, those with a solid knowledge base in coding typically proceed through the processes listed below:

  • Build lead magnets
  • Add visitors to the email list by linking to them.
  • Making use of automated processes to distribute extra lead magnets
  • Developing a drip marketing strategy
  • Creating a connection between the email client and the software used to distribute products
  • Developing methods of payment gateways
  • Comparing manually with a number of different services (such as newsletter sign-ups, website traffic, payment processing, open/click rates, and completed courses),

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ClickFunnels Pricing

Click Funnel Pricing

There are three different pricing options available to choose from when using ClickFunnels: Basic, Platinum, and the Two Comma Club.

As the titles imply, the Basic plan is the entry-level tier, and it has a starting price of $97 per month. The Platinum plan, on the other hand, costs $297 per month.

Even though it offers many useful features, the Basic plan most of them are severely restricted, making it unsuitable for use by larger enterprises.

After that, you have the option of going with the Clickfunnels Platinum package, which grants you access to an infinite number of funnels, landing pages, and follow-up funnels. Email marketing and customer segmentation are two more aspects that are a part of the plan and have the potential to expand its usefulness and, as a result, its conversion rate.

The final level, known as the Two Comma Club, is reserved solely for those customers who are already on file with the company and have achieved sales of one million dollars or more.

ClickFunnels Features And Benefits

Your website's functionality can be increased, and it can become more personalized, with the help of the many capabilities that ClickFunnels has to offer. ClickFunnels is a digital marketing platform that can be used for a variety of purposes; however, there are a select number of its features that really set it apart from the competition.

1. Drag-And-Drop Page Builder

You do not need any prior experience or understanding of coding or design in order to construct a professional-looking landing page using the drag-and-drop editor. Because of how simple it is to use, it is both a rapid and effective method for creating a website that looks professional and generates sales.

Because of this functionality, business owners have the ability to develop and modify their websites and sales funnels without being constrained by any technical limitations. You will never again be had to rely on or invest money on a staff of programmers if you have a funnel builder that functions similarly to straightforward image editing software.

2. Testing on A and B

The A/B testing tool of ClickFunnels is displayed on the dashboard of the software and examines different pages of your sales funnels. It identifies parts that are not performing well in order to assist you in generating a landing page that is fully optimized and looks professional.

In addition, the comparison is presented in a graphical fashion, making it simple for you to evaluate which solution is most suitable for your online business.

3. Elective Participation Forms

The process of building an email list can be made even more streamlined using the opt-in forms provided by ClickFunnels because they integrate with third-party services. Visitors are immediately added to the list the moment they provide their email address or any other details requested by the site.

Again, you get access to thousands of templates of opt-in forms that are both visually appealing and simple to use.

4. Email List Builder

With the opt-in email funnel that enables you to gather leads and contact details, constructing a mailing list is as simple as putting two and two together. Because of this functionality, you won't need to rely on marketing solutions provided by a third party in order to create your email list.

5. Affiliate Marketing Reporting Interface

Using the affiliate dashboard provided by ClickFunnels, you can quickly and easily administer a number of different affiliate programs. You will be able to track promotional products and see which program earns the most income all within the same location, allowing for convenient access to all relevant facts.

6. Upsells and Downsells with Just One Click

Another element that makes the process of boosting sales and earning earnings more straightforward is presented below. In addition, your clients will appreciate the convenience of the experience because it will be easier for them to shop for other products and combos.

This function, in its most basic version, gathers the customers' personal information as well as their preferred methods of payment. That way, when the customers buy in the future, they won't have to re-enter any of their information. You may also add additional products to the upsell or downsell pages using the One-Time Offer (OTO) templates. This feature is located on the template menu.

7. Follow-up Funnels

In addition to the money you'll save on expert programmers and designers, you'll also be able to cut costs by not using an email autoresponder. Because of the follow-up funnels, you have the option of selecting a mailing list from the one that already exists or creating a new mailing list from scratch.

8. Order Forms

Because it lays the foundation for an upsell or down-sell page that can be accessed with just one click, this function is an essential component of the checkout process. You can simply construct one-step or two-step order forms by using templates and elements that may be customized with their appearance and behavior.

9. Broadcasting by Email

As is the case with the vast majority of email automation software, this function enables you to send emails in mass. You have the option of specifying a date and time for the email to be automatically distributed at that time.

10. Notifications sent through SMS

ClickFunnels also has a function for sending mobile text alerts to users. Easily connect your ClickFunnels account with an SMS marketing service by following the on-screen instructions. After that, you'll be able to compose a text message directly from your dashboard.

You have the ability to select a day and time of your choosing for the mobile alerts to be sent to the prospects, just like you can with the other capabilities. Additionally, prospective purchasers have the option of opting into the email list by SMS.

11. Websites That Require a Membership Fee

The page that members can view works quite well, and it is especially helpful for business owners who want to offer unique content that is accessible only to members. Once your consumers have purchased the membership program, you will have the ability to assign distinct video, image, and text content to each of them directly within the ClickFunnel membership platform itself.

In addition, you have the ability to schedule the delivery of your content by making use of the drip delay feature. The authors of content will be able to better manage their time and plan their work as a result of this. In addition, its clever and well-organized design makes it possible for business owners to categorize their training.

12. Funnel Templates

Because ClickFunnels provides a considerable number of templates to choose from, it is an excellent choice for beginners in the field of online retailing. These templates have already been designed, but you are free to rearrange the components and change the way they look so that they correspond with your company's ideals and goals.

13. Analytical Tools for Sales

The process of going through sales analytics can assist aspiring business owners in tracking how well their sales funnels are performing. Earnings-per-click (EPC) and total revenue are two of the metrics that are broken down across the various phases and pages of your sales funnel.

14. Sticky Cookies

It is essential to compensate affiliates for the clients they bring in for your business. This is something that can be done thanks to the sticky cookies feature.

Sticky cookies ensure that a buyer's contact information is "stuck" to its affiliate link. Sticky cookies are a type of persistent cookie. You will be able to identify the affiliate and provide them with additional commissions the subsequent time the customer makes a purchase.

15. Share Funnels

Using this tool, you will be able to share your funnel with business partners and other stakeholders together with all of the parameters, such as custom CSS and HTML codes, for example. Are you curious about how this will be to your advantage?

You are eligible for affiliate commissions if a friend of yours uses your funnel and ends up creating a ClickFunnels account as a result of using it. You and your friends will be able to make some more money without having to worry about the technical aspects of internet marketing.

16. Sub-users

The sub-user feature of ClickFunnels is there to help you out if you need to provide access to a ClickFunnels account for other members of your team. You have the option of providing sub-users with either complete access or restricted access thanks to the varying permission levels.

It is an easy-to-use addition that will help manage the workflow of the team while also securing your sensitive data. This will be a functional addition.

17. Integration of Payment Gateways and Processors

You won't have to be concerned about acquiring payment gateways from a third party because ClickFunnels takes care of that for you as well. The extensive array of connections that ClickFunnels provides includes a variety of major payment processors like as Stripe, PayPal, and Keap (Infusionsoft), amongst others.

However, the amount of payment gateways that you have access to is determined by the subscription that you have purchased. Users of the Basic Plan have access to three integrations, users of the Platinum Plan have access to nine integrations, and users of the Two Comma Club have access to twenty-seven different payment gateways.

18. Integrations And Applications Provided By Third Parties

The list of available integrations has been expanded to include some well-known and potent marketing technologies that can quickly and easily increase your conversion rates. In addition, if the list of integrations that is provided below is insufficient for your needs, you can connect your ClickFunnels account with additional apps by using the Zapier connector.

The following is an exhaustive list of the integrations offered by ClickFunnels:

  • Campaign That Is Active
  • HTML Form
  • Drip
  • Mailchimp
  • Salesforce
  • Avalara
  • Twilio SMS
  • Zoom
  • Facebook
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • EverWebinar
  • GoToWebinar
  • HubSpot
  • InfusionSoft
  • WebinarJam
  • Shopify
  • ConvertKit
  • ShipStation
  • YouZign
  • Ontraport
  • Interspire
  • Kajabi
  • Mad Mini
  • Sendlane
  • GetResponse
  • WebhoopApi
  • ZenDirect
  • SlyBroadcast
  • Market Hero
  • Maropost
  • OfficeAutopilotTagging
  • PushCrew
  • WebinarFuel

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How Should You Begin Utilizing ClickFunnels, to Begin With?

The major objective of ClickFunnels is to make it easier for those who do not come from a technical background to create marketing funnels that have a high conversion rate.

It's possible that there are thousands of aspiring business owners in the world who are feeling trapped with a great concept simply because they don't know where and how to get started.

At this point, ClickFunnels becomes relevant to the discussion.

In point of fact, the service asserts that it will supply everything necessary for you to establish your sales and marketing funnels in a matter of ten minutes. The fact that it fulfills its claim is demonstrated by the testimonies that can be found on the official website.

If you already have a website, mailing list, and payment gateway set up, creating the first funnel won't take you nearly as much time as it would otherwise. Keep in mind that the setup process will take significantly more time the more customized your landing page is. However, thanks to the WYSIWYG editor provided by ClickFunnels, the procedure can still be described as being very simple and uncomplicated.

The first thing you need to do is determine what your sales funnel is going to be used for. These kinds of funnels are broken down into three broad categories by Clickfunnels: Lead Generation, Sales Generation, and Events. Then, after selecting your selection, you will have access to landing pages, emails, and any other conditions that are necessary.

Take note that each of these categories offers a freemium model that has a trial period of one week that you can use to test it out. Because each of these plans comes with a pre-designed funnel template, you do not need any prior experience with coding or web design in order to construct a functional sales funnel using one of these plans.

Let's take a look at the different types of sales funnels and how ClickFunnels handles each one.

Lead Generation Funnels

Lead generation can be accomplished in one of two ways: either by using squeeze pages or by utilising long-form apps. The only difference between the two is the amount of information that is collected from the audience in question.

You are going to require a squeeze page funnel if your objective is to collect their email addresses (possibly so that you can build a mailing list). Because of our ever-shorter attention spans, these kinds of funnels generate a significantly greater number of responses.

A long-form application lead, on the other hand, will collect specific information such as contact information, areas of interest, and even more. In order to obtain information that is helpful, it is best to use a combination of both of the lead pages.

Sales Funnels

The "tripwire" funnel, the video sales letter funnel, and the launch funnel are the three different applications that can be made of sales funnels.

The "tripwire" or "unboxing" sales funnel is one in which an inexpensive product is used to generate initial sales. In most cases, this results in a loss; however, the objective is to sell something to the person watching. After the sale has been completed, you can increase your revenue with upsells that only require one click.

For online businesses that sell service-based products like SaaS, online courses, webinars, and other similar offerings, having a sales letter or a video sales letter funnel is absolutely necessary. This is due to the fact that the viewers need to be given an explanation of such a "product" in order for them to comprehend its intangible value.

In conclusion, a launch funnel is a tool that is utilized to generate excitement prior to the launch of a product or service. Because you have more time to capitalize on the value that people assign to your product, this strategy is most successful when applied to more expensive goods.

Event Funnels

The majority of edupreneurs can significantly boost their market value by utilizing the valuable platform that ClickFunnels provides in the form of event-hosting templates. In addition, these event funnels can be split up into two distinct categories, namely, live webinars and automated webinars.

You are able to personalize the sign-up procedure, broadcast access, reminders for viewers, and much more when you use third-party software like Zoom to host a live webinar. This software also gives you the ability to customize other aspects of the webinar. On the other hand, a webinar that is automated, on-demand, or evergreen is entirely controlled by the funnels.

Those unfamiliar with coding should obviously go with the second choice because it is a lot simpler and more convenient. Simply set up the webinar, and you can relax knowing that ClickFunnels will successfully run it while you focus on other aspects of your business, such as making sales.

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ClickFunnels Dashboard

The dashboard will present you with a checklist of items that need to be finished before you can develop your first funnel. In the event that you are unable to proceed after completing the steps, you have the option of participating in a complimentary orientation call.

You can easily use ClickFunnels in conjunction with your already established website and domain thanks to the numerous integration options and payment gateways. You also have the option to register a new domain through ClickFunnels, which will cost you a minimum of twenty dollars per year.

Making Your Very First Sales Funnel

To begin, select an appropriate template that demonstrates a step-by-step process and that can either be used as is or further customized to meet your specific needs. You have the option of removing or adding certain phases from the menu, and as was stated earlier, this will determine how much time it will take to develop your first funnel.

The WYSIWYG editor is where you make changes to various aspects of your landing pages, webinars, and forms, among other things. Its block framework is comparable to those of WordPress and Squarespace, in addition to other web hosts of a similar nature.

In the event that you skip over certain phases or integrations throughout the customization process, the user-friendly editor will notify you of the mistakes. Users are able to more easily spot any differences and make necessary adjustments to the template as a result.

In addition, Platinum members have access to A/B testing, also known as split testing, which provides them with the opportunity to evaluate the components of their template in relation to the parameters of the A/B test. After that, the marketer is provided with visual feedback from an analytics counter, which assists them in determining which test is more successful.

Backpack is a component of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

ClickFunnels' inability to visibly promote your brand to prospective customers is one of the service's most significant limitations. The fact that increased market visibility is one of the most important factors in increasing conversion rates may cause some business owners to have doubts about the effectiveness of ClickFunnels.

However, using the affiliate marketing programme Backpack, this landing page builder takes care of that issue in an effective and efficient manner. Backpack is a tool for marketers on the Platinum tier that produces affiliate traffic and requires payment only when a deal has been successfully completed.

How exactly does participation in affiliate programmes benefit your brand?

The following are some of the reasons why affiliate marketing tools are beneficial for both large and small businesses:

1. Enhance SEO

Affiliate tools make use of referral links in order to disseminate information about your funnels and generate revenue. Because of this, they are able to connect with trustworthy websites that contain lucrative backlinks that boost your SEO.

2. Raise awareness of the brand

Affiliate programs will typically choose to work with companies whose products and services resonate with them. This makes it possible for them to identify an appropriate target group and boost the visibility of your brand among the appropriate individuals.

3. Lower Risk

A user will not be required to pay until the user has generated online sales. This protects businesses against the possibility of investing in enormous advertising costs with no corresponding increase in traffic or conversions.

4. Effective

Because affiliated programmes function on the basis of word-of-mouth, it demonstrates a higher level of credibility. As a result, your site visitors will have more faith in your content and become more engaged.

In general, the addition of an affiliate marketing tool such as Backpack turns ClickFunnels into a comprehensive sales generator and management platform. Because of this, purchasing the Platinum plan is definitely worth the additional cost.

Lead Tracker is part of Actionetics.

Actionetics is another piece of automation software similar to Backpack in that it monitors your leads as they navigate through your sales funnel. Monitoring their actions enables you to develop goods and services that are tailored to meet their specific requirements.

When developing content while utilizing tools for market automation, these insights are absolutely necessary.

In addition, Actionetics provides email automation through the use of "smart lists," which modify your mailing list based on the rules and characteristics that you have previously established.

Products for Education Offered by ClickFunnels

FunnelFlix is an internal tool that ClickFunnels uses to construct funnels. It is designed for people who want to learn more about marketing, business, sales, and copywriting, among other topics. It features a variety of educational seminars as well as videos that can be watched at your own pace and are said to have "more value than a four-year college education."

Some of the most famous people in the world are featured in the highlight videos, including the founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, business executive and author Jay Abraham, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins, amongst others. You will also receive a behind-the-scenes look into the success stories of other members of the Two Commas Club.

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Things That I Enjoy Regarding ClickFunnels

1. Ease of Operation

The ease of use of ClickFunnels is their primary selling point, which is made abundantly clear by their tagline, which reads, "Don't waste any more time with 'tech guys' "

It is true that it is simple to use, but it could take some time for novices to become familiar with all of the functions. Having said that, the steepness of the learning curve won't surpass a few hours. You can, in point of fact, watch some educational videos on FunnelFlix or read some of Russell Brunson's books.

The majority of ClickFunnels' features are intuitive and easy to use, and the dashboard is uncluttered and straightforward, which contributes to the platform's streamlined user experience. In spite of its apparent simplicity, it offers a sufficient degree of personalization flexibility while avoiding confusion.

Creating your own funnel from scratch is a lot more difficult than using ClickFunnels to manage your own funnel.

2. Integrations that Pack a Punch

When we talk about how easy it is to use, I can't help but mention how efficient the API integrations are. Because of them, there is no need to hire a dedicated team to handle designing, processing payments, and responding to emails, among other tasks.

Your company will benefit to the fullest extent possible from every facet of operations thanks to ClickFunnels' extensive list of integrations with well-known marketing and productivity tools.

3. Landing Page Builder That Is Efficient

There is no question that ClickFunnels is among the very best landing page builders currently available. Even though the company puts more effort into promoting the idea of sales funnels, its landing page builder still has a significant number of consistent users (who may be using it solely for that purpose).

4. Editing and testing can be done easily.

The A/B testing feature and the editor that works with drag-and-drop are two of the most helpful features for people who own online businesses. After you have constructed a funnel, you can test it, make adjustments to it based on the results of the test, and then duplicate the templates that work well for further usage.

5. Software for Multiple Marketing Purposes

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing tool that gives you control over your company because of its features and integrations. This enables you to take full responsibility for the success of your company.

With only a few clicks of your mouse, you can accomplish a lot, including the creation of web page templates, the compilation of a mailing list, and the scheduling of SMS notifications for potential customers. As a result, ClickFunnels strikes a balance between the accessibility and the functionality of its platform.

The Aspects of ClickFunnels That I Find Detrimental

1. Expensive

I pointed out that ClickFunnels is most effective for small businesses, but I seriously doubt that many of them would be willing to shell out the money for a membership to a marketing funnel. Despite the fact that this is not a fatal flaw, it may cause aspiring business owners to have second thoughts about investing their money in the product.

2. Team Supporting Customers That Isn't Very Good

The majority of users are of the opinion that the customer service is subpar. This is one flaw that they all agree on. Although the team responds quickly to some of the more fundamental questions, it does not appear that they have much enthusiasm to explain the more advanced features.

3. Inconsistency

ClickFunnels frequently implements new features and alters existing ones. In point of fact, their list of free tools is frequently updated as well. Although these alterations will not impede the workflow in any way, they may be unsettling for those individuals who favour maintaining a stable working environment.

ClickFunnels Review FAQs

1. Who Should Make Use of the ClickFunnels Platform?

When viewed from an outside perspective, ClickFunnels presents the most compelling opportunity for new ventures, established small businesses, and service providers, particularly those operating in the creative industry. For example, coaches, instructors, consultants, and other professionals who have an idea but lack the technical expertise to get started would benefit from our services.

2. Is there a free plan available for ClickFunnels?

Yes. Users are given the opportunity to test out ClickFunnels' business management and lead generation tools during a free trial period that lasts for 14 days.

A Concluding Thought on the ClickFunnels Review

Is ClickFunnels the most effective option? Almost.

It gives you everything you require to launch an online business and enables customization without sacrificing the effectiveness or quality of your website. If you use this, you won't have any trouble getting an online business up and running.

When I consider the extensive list of integrations and the expertly crafted templates, I can look past the inconsistent user interface without too much difficulty.

In general, ClickFunnels is an impressive marketing tool that also functions as an editor for landing pages. It automates sales processes in an efficient manner and has a high conversion rate.

Get started with a free trial of Clickfunnels that lasts for 14 days right away.

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