Yes, you can use Quora as a platform to write content and publish like your own blog. The only difference is that you won't have the option of being an owner of a website.

You are always bound by the terms and services of Quora. If you do not follow the guidelines your account may be suspended or deactivated at any point in time without your concern.

However, if you own your own website you are the boss and nobody can delete it. This is the only difference. 

The biggest problem in creating and maintaining a blog in any content writing process is the creation of the content.  When we create content manually and publish the same it consumes a lot of time and needs deeper product knowledge.

But there is a workaround where you can source the information related to your topic and rephrase them in a manner where the content is unique good quality and human-readable.

Such a product is called quillbot.  You can check out the Quillbot for free and also prefer to sign up for the premium version which is cost-effective.

Can we do content writing and blogs on Quora?

If you're a content creator, you could indeed easily discover Quora by responding to questions on subjects that interest you the most.

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In point of fact, it can be an excellent tool to help you comprehend which topics come naturally to your personality, which subject matters you know more about, and which topics are simple for you to write about.

When all three of these factors come together, you will have successfully discovered your subject matter writing niche (s). I think it's important for every writer to experiment with a variety of subgenres so they can determine which ones they are drawn to the quickest and the most. Choosing a specific area of expertise will allow you to become an authority in that field and provide better services to more desirable customers.

Quora is a marvellous platform that allows users to investigate these niches, make contact with people who share similar interests, and get an initial look at the questions that come to people's minds.

This leads me to the next point I want to make. Quora is an excellent platform for conducting audience research for the specific niches that you intend to write about. You can get a clear idea the about pain points that your target market is struggling with, and if you can offer a solution that adds value to their lives, be it in the form of responses on Quora, a video series, or a blog, you're in the running for first place.

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Last but not least, Quora is a wonderful platform that allows you to simply practice your writing skills while also receiving feedback on it in the form of engagement and gaining good exposure!

There is no requirement that you devote one hour per day to Quora. You'll have plenty of time to think of an answer to a question while you're waiting for your bath or the water for your tea to boil. Therefore, Quora is a platform that you can participate in without having to set aside a specific amount of time for it.