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Amudha Kumar offers professional Online Digital Marketing Training and speaks frequently on Digital MarketingSearch Engine Optimization, Success Principles and leadership skills for students and entrepreneurs.

Amudhakumar is a renowned digital marketing trainer and speaker. He is also a successful entrepreneur and offers digital marketing training to hundreds of people in Chennai and across the globe. He has vast experience in a wide range of topics like digital marketing, success principles, search engine optimization and leadership skills to name a few. 

Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

From 2016 to till now, he has helped hundreds of people establish their businesses successfully, fulfill their business goals and reach their full career potential  by bringing out their dormant skills. He has finished his schooling at Sainik school which is run by the ministry of defence. He has completed his Comuter Science degree at Park's college. 

He is an online marketing expert hailing from the Indian School of business online marketing  and he has also been certified as a digital marketing professional by the market leader Google. He also has more than 6 years of experience in working with leading IT firms like Accenture, CSS Corp and one of the leading firms of the world, Amazon India. 

CSS Corp has named him as the best performer of the quarter, not once but twice for his dedication and hardwork and he has also received the prestigious CAT achiever's award for his contributions. In addition to this, Amazon has awarded him the Einstein award for his intellect and creativity and the Responsible social citizen award during his tenure there. He has also co- founded lite mentors - a software training institute to pass on his valuable knowledge to the younger generation.

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Digital Marketing Training in Chennai - Amudhakumar
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