Email Marketing Training in Chennai is offered by the digital marketing training expert Amudhakumar. The textual version of his training session is described below.

He offers both retail and corporate email marketing training in Chennai with in depth knowledge and practical experience which are result driven.

Email Marketing is a process of sending promotional content for a product or service.

In general, individuals and organizations take advantage of email marketing to grow their business and sales for each month.

It is done by sending the highly relevant content to their registered users who are interested in receiving the promotional content or seasonal offers.

The process of email marketing is used to build an ongoing relationship, Trust, Brand Awareness with the brand and customer.

Institutes offering Email Marketing Training in Chennai

Several institutes are offering digital marketing training in Chennai. Several people believe that Email Marketing is dead in the current digital arena. Especially after google segmented their Gmail app and google mail desktop version with Promotions and Social Tab.

When the email marketing is done the right way and proper segmentation process, the open rate, the Click through rate and conversion rate will be good. Hence, email marketing a second most preferred marketing technique next to SEO.

It is really a great talent to hunt for a good institute or a trainer.

You can search google with the term Amudha kumar Phone Number and contact him for requirements. 

Email Marketing Overview

Marketing your product via E-mail is an ongoing process and it is like a vicious circle. I have listed down few steps we need to follow a successful email marketing campaign.

Info graphic of 7 Must Follow Email Marketing Practices by amudhakumar

  • List Building

    Building list of email address by collecting it from online, using email collector feature using Wordpress email subscription box, Sumo Me email box.
  • Checking Interest

    The process of checking whether a new person is interested in our service and adding them to the targeted email list.
  • Creating a Targeted Customer List

    List of customers who are interested in our services and subscribing to our services as a volunteer.
  • Using Email Client

    A software or a platform used to send, receive and manage email communication. Maximum services are paid and few are free.
  • Creating Templates

    Creating a list of predefined emails that can be sent to our subscribers repeatedly. Once created, we can save a lot of time and effort in sending emails.
  • Whitelisting

    A process of adding your email address to the recipient's contact details. This will ensure that the emails are not filtered under spam, promotions, or social tabs in services like Gmail.
  • Unsubscribe

    List of subscribers who are leaving our service as they are not interested.

List Building - The Process of Building Email List

In order to run a successful email campaign, one must have a list of emails. List building is the initial or basic process for any business. Without a list, no leads can be generated. If no leads, then no sales.

There are two types of email database one can have:

  • Random Email address
  • Targeted Email database
What is a Random Email Address and How to Collect Them?

An email address collected from the internet on a random basis is considered as cold contact. Which means, we do not know them personally or through our friends.

There are chrome extensions like Email Hunter, which can scrape the email address on the website you visit. Later, you may collect all these email addresses and use it to send your promotional content. 

Having been said that, it does not mean that you can collect the email address from anywhere. Your email address should be highly targeted

If you are having anonymous email address lists, it is a great idea to convert them into a targeted customer's email address. 

We will discuss how to convert a random email address to a targeted customer's email address after understanding the concept of Targeted Email List.

What is a Targeted Email List?

A targeted email list is a collection of email address from those people who are really interested in your services.

You must have added their email address with their permission or they should have subscribed to your business voluntarily. 

If you have bought or collected the email address from a random source, then the person may not be interested in your services. In turn, he will not pay attention to the email you sent to them. As a result, you will not be able to make a sale or conversion.

Moreover, they may feel out of the blue and mark your email as spam. Please note that spamming activity is not allowed in several countries like US, Canada, UK and more. They have very strict rules against it. You may even end up being sued or need to compensate for the inconvenience caused due to the spamming act.

You may ask this question to yourself:

Do you love to receive irrelevent emails flooded in your inbox without your permission?
No right?

The same goes for anyone in our email list. We must follow the strict rules of maintaining only people's email address who are only interested in our services.

Hence, it is a good idea to stop buying email address database. 

We need to collect email address by telling the visitors to either sign up for the newsletter or by subscribing for an email notification.

I have discussed few options to collect the email address of our visitors.

Building Email List Using SignUp form in Website

The best way to create a database of people interested in your services is to drive visitors to your site and asking them to sign up for the newsletter. 

If you own your business website, it is a great idea to add an email subscription option. When a visitor lands on your website, you can create a pop-up window that will ask them to sign up for the email newsletter.

If you are using a CMS like wordpress, you may prefer an email subscription plugin of your choice.

How to Convert an Anonymous Email Address to Target Email Address?

We have discussed in the earlier sections that collecting a random email address from random resources is not a good practice. However, by using a small option called checking interest, we can move an email address from a random customer to a targeted customer.

Checking Interest in Sending an Email:

Being straightforward to anyone is always a working technique. They may be interested in our services or may not be interested. However, they may not feel frustrated. 

In this technique, we are going to tell the email address owner on how we got his email address and going to ask whether he may be interested in the service. If they are interested, they may subscribe to the newsletter and become a targeted customer.

You may use the exact email template below to check the interest of any random email address owner:

Hi There,

This is [Your Name] and I am a [Your Profession].

I recently started my online Digital Marketing Resource for beginners and I am in the process of adding people to my online knowledge resource.

As a part of the effort, I collected your contact email from the internet and thought of checking your interest in my free online Digital Marketing Service.

Will you be interested in subscribing to our regular newsletter and to keep updated with updated trends in the industry? If so, please visit [Link] and subscribe to our newsletter.

If you feel this email is irrelevant and is not useful to you, you can simply ignore this email. I truly respect your opinion and I will never send you another email. 

With Regards,

Now that if people are interested in your service, they will subscribe to your newsletter. You may add these people details in the subscribed list of your email database.

Email Client: Mail Chimp

In order to send an email notification to a large number of subscribers, you need to have a software that can support you in creating email campaigns.

If you are using email services like Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN, it will be specifically used for personal use. You will not be allowed to send emails more than a limit.

It is always a great option to use a professional email campaign management system like Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp allows you to add a maximum of 2000 email addresses and send up to 20,000 emails.

You may sign up for Mail Chimp account by clicking the link Mail Chimp

Creating Templates

For successful email campaigns, creating templates are very important. The different templates are as follows:
Welcome Email

Dear [Name]

Thank you for subscribing to [Business Name]

A warm welcome to [Business Name] team. As you have subscribed to our newsletter, you will continue to receive our newsletter with updated content.

You will receive a maximum of 2 emails per week and we will not spam your inbox for sure. In order to ensure that all our emails are delivered to your email inbox, I strongly suggest you add our email address to your contact list.

[Website Name]

Content Promotion Email

Dear [Name]
You are receiving this email because you have subscribed to our newsletter. If this email is not delivered to your inbox directly, please add our email address to your contact list.

We are excited to share our recently published article on our website. I am sure, the recent article will help you a lot.

You may take a look at the blog post in the link [Blog Post Link]


[Your Name]
[Website Name]

Un-subscription Email

Dear [Name]
We are sorry to hear that you have decided to opt out of our newsletter service.

We truly respect your decision. Your email is unsubscribed from our database immediately and you will not receive further notification from us.

If your situation changes and prefers to subscribe to our newsletter, you can always visit our website and subscribe to our service.


[Your Name]
[Website Name]

What Should Be The Attitude of An Email Marketer?

Respect the People Who Unsubscribe