Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization is the basic question that anyone will arrive at when they are getting introduced to a digital platform.

If you are very new to implementing your business online or learning about SEO recently, I strongly suggest watching my video below. I have broken down the technical concept of SEO in simple English words with real-time examples.

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Welcome, I have given the similar logic in text format below. 

SEO is a process of making minor or necessary changes to your content like Text, Image, and Video of your website. 

In general, search engines are dependent on HTML language parameter to understand a website content.

When you write your website content in a way that a spider can understand, you will start ranking for your own niche related keywords.

There is a long process to find the right keyword for your content. This process is termed as Keyword Research

Once you find the keyword to target, you need to use these words in appropriate places where the search engine spider will look into. Few areas where they will look are:
  • Content Title
  • URL (Slug)
  • Meta Description
  • First 100 words of paragraph
  • Last 100 Words of paragraph
  • ALT tag of an image
  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6

Once you have all the above steps followed, your content will be considered for ranking. 

I can not guarantee that you will take top positions in search engines after doing above. You may rank for few relevant keywords. However, based on the competition and the backlink profile of your website, your ranking may increase gradually.

Hope the information shared regarding Search Engine Optimization was helpful. Do share your questions, doubts and other feedback in the comments section below.


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