What is Search Engine Optimization is the basic question that anyone will arrive at when they are getting introduced to a digital platform. The primary activity of a search engine is to deliver highly relevant and most useful information as quickly as possible to the users. Getting your knowledge increased by Online Digital Marketing Certificate Course is the right step to move forward.

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SEO is a process of making minor or necessary changes to your content like Text, Image, and Video of your website. 

In general, search engines are dependent on HTML language parameter to understand a website content.

When you write your website content in a way that a spider can understand, you will start ranking for your own niche related keywords.

The search engine user will feed a search term or a phrase. This word is called as keyword. People use search engines whenever they are in need of information about a product or service.

It can be a:

  • One word keyword
  • Two Word Keyword
  • Three Word Keyword
  • Four Word Keyword
  • Long Tail Keyword (LTK)

Moreover, search engine works based on proxy based targeting. The electronic device identification values are used for searching related information. Few of them are

  1. MAC Address
  2. IP Address
  3. IMEI
  4. User query 
  5. User Behaviour
  6. GPS
  7. Username
  8. Software version

Examples of Search Engines Are

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Bing
  4. Duckduckgo
  5. Yandex

Keyword Research

There is a long process to find the right keyword for your content. The key phrase used by the user is the great resource. Finding out the keywords that people are searching and adding them in your website and adding value is the secret behind ranking for related content. This process is termed as Keyword Research

Tools Used for Keyword Research

On-Page SEO Best Practices

Once you find the keyword to target, you need to use these words in appropriate places where the search engine spider will look into. Few areas where they will look are:
  • Performance
    • Page loading speed
    • Server Response Time
Both the page speed and server response time must be less than 3 seconds for any website performing better.
  • Content Optimization
    • Content Title
    • URL (Slug)
    • Meta Description
    • First 100 words of paragraph
    • Last 100 Words of paragraph
    • Decorate the Keyword using Bold or Strong, Italics or Underline
    • ALT tag of an image
    • Caption of the Image
    • Header Tags
      • H1
      • H2
      • H3
      • H4
      • H5
      • H6
    • Generate minimum 2 internal links
    • Link out to other related websites
  • Security
    • SSL Certificate or https://
Few important things to note while writing content are:

  1. Never use your target keyword exactly more than 3 times
  2. Use single word keyword in your target keyword as much as you need.
  3. Be sure to add variation of keywords and LSI Keywords.
  4. Decorate the synonyms or important keyword using Bold

Once you have all the above steps followed, your content will be considered for ranking. 

I can not guarantee that you will take top positions in search engines after doing above. You may rank for few relevant keywords. However, based on the competition and the backlink profile of your website, your ranking may increase gradually.

Off-Page Optimization

The best way to generate backlinks is to write quality content that makes people to share and link to our website. However, due to the absence of visibility for a new website, people sharing our content does not every time. Initially we need to create a push for increasing the visitors to the website. 

In order to increase the backlinks for the website and discovering the content by search engine user, we will follow few backlink building techniques. 

Why People Don’t Take Off Optimization Seriously?

  • Time consuming and needs lots of time.
  • The success rate for getting successful to your article or website is very less. 
  • Business owners will not have time and patience to build backlinks everyday.

Common Steps to Follow for Building Backlinks

  • Search for a list of websites related to the backlink building technique.
  • Collect the website list and save it in your system or docs as a excel.
  • Try to create an account with each and every possible service.
  • Create a at least 20 working website list in each category. 

By following the above practice we save lots of time by working on successful websites.

Article submission website

Registering an account and submitting unique and quality content along with linking back to your website.

You may search for list of article submission websites. You can also combine the words like High PR, Quality, and High Domain Authority.

Guest Posting Websites

You need to connect with bloggers and websites that accepts guest posting. Along with the content a link with an anchor text can be generated. 

Social Media Platforms

Sharing the content on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, pinterest, youtube. This makes sure that your article is present in maximum places on the internet.

Social Bookmarking Websites

Bookmarking is a practice of adding your website reading list on your personalized web browser. When the bookmarking practices is performed with the social media platforms. Few social media websites allows you to bookmark your favorite articles.

URL submission websites

Once your article is written, submitting the URL to multiple websites which accepts link submission can be considered as URL submission practice.

Images submission websites

Creating images or info graphics related to your content and submitting them to those platforms that accepts images is called image submission process.

PDF Submission Websites

Create articles for your website and convert them into PDF format. Submit the pdf files to different websites that accepts pdf submission. The search engine spider is capable of crawling and indexing links inside documents.

PPT Submission

Create articles for your website and convert them into PPT format. Submit the ppt files to different websites that accepts PPT submission. The search engine spider is capable of crawling and indexing links inside documents like PPT.

Video Submission Websites

Generate a video of your content either using screensaver software or recording a video dictating the content in your article. Submit the video to different video submission websites.

Free Classifieds Submission

These are local advertising platforms where the business services can be advertised. This inturn helps to link to our website by adding the respective URL on the classifies created.

Local Business Listing Creation Sites

Submitting your information to local business directories. Your website homepage or the spec ifi service page can be added into the business listing. This is once such method to increase the visibility for your business.

Q and A sites

Q & A  are called Questions and answers sites. The sites like quora, google answers, yahoo answers are such platform. Look for the questions related to your products or services. Answer them and in the process leave a link to your website or article.

Web 2.0 Websites

Web 2.0 sites are websites that contain User Generated Content (UGC). The website admin will create the content. Instead the registered users will update the content regularly. Few famous websites are youtube, quora, vimeo, daily motion.

Hope the information shared regarding Search Engine Optimization was helpful. Do share your questions, doubts and other feedback in the comments section below.