Social Media Optimization (SMO) Definition

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of a number of methods and networks to create content to boost product, service brand, or event visibility. If you are planning to enroll in Online Digital Marketing Course I strongly suggest you ensure that the module covers SMO sessions.

Social network types include RSS feeds, social news, and bookmarking sites, as well as social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, websites for video sharing, and blogging sites. SMO is similar to the optimization of search engines.

The objective is to generate web traffic and increase the awareness of a website. In general, the optimization of social networks refers to the optimization of the website and its content in order to encourage more users to use and share links to the website across social media and networking sites. SMO also refers to software tools that automate this process, or to web experts who undertake this process for clients.

SMO's goal is to create creatively engaging online content, varying from well-written text to eye-catching visual images or video clips that inspire and motivate people to engage with a website and then share it with their social media connections and friends through their web link.

Common examples of social media engagement include:

  • Posting and responding
  • Retweeting
  • Embedding
  • Linking, and 
  • Community Promotion.
Social Media Optimization is also an efficient way to implement Online Reputation Management (ORM), ensuring that a SMO approach will guarantee that negative feedback is not the first reference to appear in a search engine results list.

Social Media Optimization Relationship with Search Engine Optimization

SMO is becoming an increasingly important component in search engine optimization, which is an important the method of developing a website in such a manner that a position on search engines is as high as possible. When search engines continually use the ratings of members on social networks such as Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram to rate sites in the results pages of the search engine. 

The idea is that when a content is posted or "liked" by a user on a social network, it acts as a vote for the quality of that website. 

These votes can therefore be used by search engines in search results pages to properly rank websites. Therefore, since it is more difficult to top the scales or influence the search engines in this manner, search engines put more trust into social search. This, along with highly customized search based on interests and place, has significantly increased the importance of social media presence in internet marketing.

SMO focuses on driving website visitors from different sources other than search engine results. It is also a great source to target customers based on interest and demographic data. 

Viral Marketing Technique Related to SMO

Social Media Optimization technique is closely related to Viral Marketing technique. Viral Marketing Technique is a process of creating word of mouth business promotion using social media platforms like social book marking, image and video sharing websites. An effective social bookmarking campaign can increase your SEO performance across all platforms.  

16 Rules of SMO

The Social Media Optimization comes out with 16 best practices to get best results from internet and social media platforms. I have listed the 16 practices below:
  1. Increasing likability and link-ability of your content
  2. Making bookmarking and tagging easy
  3. Rewarding inbound links
  4. Help people to share your content by creating compulsive content
  5. Allow users to remix the content
  6. Add resources supporting your readers
  7. Reward helpful and valuable users
  8. Participate in group or individual discussion
  9. Learn to target your audience
  10. Create quality content that is new, quality
  11. Show real information on your style on each post
  12. Be humble in social activities
  13. Stay fresh and don't be afraid to experiment, innovate and try new things
  14. Develop and SMO strategy
  15. Choose wise SMO strategy
  16. Make SMO as key process in developing your company
I have created the top 10 tips related to social media and find the info graph below: